Random Questions: london do's and dont's

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17 Jul 2013 12:42
I know. That's my problem. I've never really been out around Soho, so not sure whats what.

Will have a look at Ronnies, ta.
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17 Jul 2013 20:52
100 people! Youll be fucked at 1am getting in anywhere with 100 people. You'd be best off getting a little group together and sharking off somewhere on your own.
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23 Jul 2013 17:09
I'm down in London this weekend. Any off-piste ideas away from usual tourist attractions? Food/Markets/Quirky Bars/Events etc. I'm staying with friends East near Victoria Park.
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23 Jul 2013 17:12
I'd recommend Broadways Market in Hackney. Really good food, some nice pubs. The canal leads to Oval Space if you want to go for a rave (not sure what's on though). http://www.broadwaymarket.co.uk/gallery.php
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23 Jul 2013 17:13
broadway market/london fields is enjoyable if the weathers nice not far from vic park.

Dalston Rooftop Bar is fun, they have a bbq up there and dj usually on saturdays. may have to queue though.
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23 Jul 2013 21:35
Thanks gents
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24 Jul 2013 07:54
You're only a stones throw from tayyabs so make sure you give that a go. Don't worry too much about the mains just load up on the grilled meat starters with bread . Lamb chops tandoori chicken & seekh kebabs are great . If you've still got room for a main try the shredded chicken thing (can't remember what it's called) oh & bring your own booze
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30 Jul 2013 19:52
frickin love tayyabs, if you go book as its always rammed with long queues when ive been
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30 Jul 2013 19:58
dont know what tayyabs are doing at the moment because of ramadan. If tayyabs is too rammed pop by needoo around the corner. former manager of tayyabs and the food is very similar
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31 Jul 2013 22:49
I didn't think Tayyabs was that good when I went and I thought the service was shit as well. I know you dont expect great service when going to a curry house but still.
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31 Jul 2013 23:24
Tayyabs has gone downhill massively in the past couple of years.

For some upmarket Indian food, check out Roti Chai, the street food is top
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31 Jul 2013 23:25
tayyabs over rated rushed service treat you like cunts. foods 8/10.
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31 Jul 2013 23:26
As Amin said Needos round the corner is well nice and less busy, better service etc, best naan I've ever had
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31 Jul 2013 23:41
my housemate went to needos last night, recommended it too and he loves a ruby
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31 Jul 2013 23:45
Honest Camden — best burger in London by a million miles

better than Patty and Bun and Lucky Chip
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1 Aug 2013 03:57
Is that on Inverness ? Isn't the same as all the other Honest Burgers ?
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6 Aug 2013 11:36
Having my 23rd birthday in London this year. Probably gonna be about 40 or so people. Are there any decent bars around central/east that you don't have to pay to book for groups?
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7 Aug 2013 14:36
Anybody? Is it worth booking?
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16 Aug 2013 10:55
Any suggestions on good places to watch football central/north/east? I usually go to the sports cafe in haymarket but its shut down
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20 Aug 2013 21:20
Anyone link a decent map for the carnival this weekend. Cheers