Random Questions: london do's and dont's

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20 Aug 2013 21:26
Think I have found one if anyone wants it

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20 Aug 2013 21:43
Timeout do one thats decent


I am going on Sunday, will Rampage still be on 'family day'?
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28 Aug 2013 17:54
Over in London 2m…is marble arch walking distance from kensington? staying in a hotel there, anywhere nice to eat near marble arch, hype fuk places?
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28 Aug 2013 17:56
Get some middle eastern food from edgware road and smoke some shisha. Hype burger joint is Patty & Bun near bond street. Good japanese noodles at Bone Daddies opposite Supreme in soho
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14 Oct 2013 13:51
Any codes kicking about for Ace Hotel? Looking at booking now
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14 Oct 2013 14:25
Any reports on the newly opened Ace Hotel in Shoreditch?
Staying there 2 nights this weekend with the missus

Also anyone know if they ever release the set times for Fabrics birthday, wouldnt mind heading but the lack of knowing who's on when is putting me off & pushing me towards Zabiela @ XOYO or Tiefschwarz @ Egg on Sat night
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posted 2 Feb 2014 14:19, edited 2 Feb 2014 14:19
…might be a little offtopic, but where can i find tickets for sold out shows in london?
i only know of ebay and getmein.com?
or if by any chance anyone on here will sell their tickets for the slowdive show at village underground, please drop me a mail. will pay good $$$!!
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2 Feb 2014 14:27
No idea if this answers your question but I have managed to pick up several tickets from twitter, RA, FB etc before.
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2 Feb 2014 14:32
write on the last.fm event, thats how i usually get sold out tickets. looks like you might be paying a fair bit though

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2 Feb 2014 14:42
already tried fb and twitter, but forgot about last.fm. thx Cool
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12 Feb 2014 20:55
In London tomorrow and have a bit of free time, just a couple of hours really, going to be around the V&A area so going to Harrods (never been before, doubt there will be much of interest but going to see it anyway) but is there anything else around there, shops-wise that would be worth visiting?
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posted 12 Feb 2014 20:58, edited 12 Feb 2014 20:58
DSM's not that far about 10 mins on the bus towards Piccadilly. The Library very near the V&A is interesting if you like Goth ninja stuff (you probably don't I'm guessing)
Also Margret Howell shop in South Ken and a J crew(birds shop iirc) aswell as Ralph Lauren
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12 Feb 2014 21:01
make sure you visit the food halls in harrods
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12 Feb 2014 21:04
Cheers Rural & Evers. I'm not too fussed about getting to DSM this time as I was there not too long ago (although I didn't realise it was that close). Would like to see The Library, purely out of interest but it's highly unlikely much of it would appeal to me. Will definitely check out Howell and the Harrods food hall though.
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12 Feb 2014 22:47
Admiral Codrington for lunch - great burger.
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17 Feb 2014 14:33
EVERS wrote: make sure you visit the food halls in harrods

Do they still have the "room of luxury" or whatever they call it, where everything is so expensive but so tacky ?
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17 Feb 2014 15:54
hate harrods
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17 Feb 2014 16:05
Im headed down next month for the first time in years, going to do some tourist stuff.

Whats the 'must see' things that i shouldn't miss?

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17 Feb 2014 16:51
how long for?

1) deffo do a river trip from central down to greenwich.
2) night out in East
3) london eye
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17 Feb 2014 17:02
Im there for 4 days, staying at Ace Hotel Shoreditch.