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9 Jul 2007 15:00
to be fair to her, she is right though isn't she Laughing out loud
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9 Jul 2007 15:04
welshjam wrote:
slothman wrote: is it that unusual that i dont want to meet her family?

worst nightmare, awkward silences, don't know where to look, and her sister is giving you those i'd like some of you glances

I'd only see them by accident! and if that did happen pretend your someone else

MoB wrote: Dads hate me mums like me, always been the way.

its the good cop bad cop, they both hate you really!
makes you feel comfortable around the mum like you can tell her anything, then wham you said too much and your out the door!
Hahahahhaha oh my god this is too recognasible(is that even a word) i get the exact same shit, i guess everyone does though. it sucks to meet the parents ^^
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9 Jul 2007 15:07
andymakesglasses wrote: to be fair to her, she is right though isn't she Laughing out loud

Laughing out loud

she thinks i'm a cunt because i never visit her with the mister. i have done in the past, but i've never eaten there and avoid staying over.

this is because at any given time she has between 9 - 15 cats.

this is wrong and it makes me physically sick.

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9 Jul 2007 15:29
jet wrote:
-Sarah- wrote: I've always been terrified before meeting fellas mums - no girl is ever good enough for their boy!

Fiances mum is a doll though - first time I went round there she snuck me away from the grouchy old aunty and we got hammered on homemade wine in the shed Laughing out loud

my mother in law calls me the wicked witch of the north, not to my face of course. i've managed to avoid seeing or hearing her for three years, so not so bad.

Laughing out loud

Bloody hell - the worst I had was a few years back when blokey at the times mum was a born again Christian. Apparently almost everything I did was against Gods will.

Revenge is sweet though - her precious boy is now dating a nineteen year old uber-chav and mother of 3… Apparently I don't seem so bad now Laughing out loud