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9 Sep 2016 07:00
Thanks Andy, Mosoona and Anto Cool

Paid £10 for an ice-cream in Florence two years ago and I'm still seething about it
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9 Sep 2016 07:40
Best ice cream at the moment are Grom (several locations in the city centre, Via Santa Margherita is the original one) and La Gelateria Della Musica (Corso di Porta Ticinese, Try salted pistachio here!). Ciacco (Via Spadari) is good too, as well as Il Massimo Del Gelato (Corso Sempione area)
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12 Dec 2016 11:30
Lunch recommendations please Anto? Been to Milan a lot (gf's mum/sister out there) but want some new suggestions as my gf is out of touch with her homeland. Cry Going out on Saturday until Thursday.
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posted 15 Dec 2016 21:59, edited 15 Dec 2016 21:59
Sorry Shego, just noticed this!

Anyway, check these:

- Baladin (Via Solferino - Craft beers but very good food served too, cheap at lunch)
- Casa Ramen (Via Porro Lambertenghi - ramen indeed…)
- Berberè (Via Sebenico, pizza with a modern twist. Lunch only on Sat and Sun, but recommended!)
- Antica Pizza Fritta da Zia Esterina (Via Agnello - typical fried pizza from Naples)
- Gattò (Via Castelmorrone - light mediterranean cuisine, if that makes sense!)
- La Ravioleria Sarpi (Via Paolo Sarpi 25 and 27, two different places owned by the same guy. Chinese street food, dumpings\bao\rolls but with top ingredients, like meat from an historical butcher just opposite his place. Super cheap and good, take away only though)
- Otto (Via Paolo Sarpi 8, nice toasts alike there)
- Myke (Via Quadrio - healthy street food)
- Valà (Via Crespi - italian)
- Lilè In Cucina (Via Guicciardini - italian)
- Briscola Pizza Society (Via Fogazzaro)
- Sorbillo (Largo Corsia dei Servi, OG pizza from Naples)
- Il Mercato (Via Sant'eufemia - gourmet burger)
- Risoelatte (Via Camperio - typical italian eaten in a place that looks like my grandma's one)
- Potafiori (Via Salasco - food and flowers, lovely place)
- Pescaria (Via Bonnet - fish panini only)

These are all good places for a relaxed and informal lunch…let me know if you want something more baller
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posted 15 Dec 2016 22:08, edited 15 Dec 2016 22:08
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15 Dec 2016 22:09
I forgot to say thanks for the Ice-cream recommendations… had one near a vintage rolex shop (which were left in the window with blazing sun all day for super-aged effect Laughing out loud) that was amazing, it was on your list.
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15 Dec 2016 22:27
Laughing out loud Laughing out loud Laughing out loud incredibly that's a quite standard practice down here

Good to hear you enjoyed a good ice cream, for non rape prices!
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28 Mar 2017 13:17
Milan accommodation recommendations please?
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29 Mar 2017 07:21
What kind of accommodation are you looking for? Hotels or airbnbs?

For the former it depends more on the budget, for the later if you've seen something show me and i can give you a feedback on the area etc
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29 Mar 2017 07:44
Hotel ideally. Not too expensive. Thanks, will PM.
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posted 29 Mar 2017 09:46, edited 29 Mar 2017 09:46
Maybe define not too expensive, and what you're planning on seeing / where you're planning on going.

Around Statzione Centrale (stay south of it) is one of the cheapest places to stay in the centre of Milan for hotels but isn't particularly nice. Around San Ambrogio is nice but more expensive (without being ridiculously so).

We tend to stay in apartments in Milan as they're generally cheaper than hotels (even "aparthotels").
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27 Feb 2018 13:16
Dinner recommendations around Porta Genova please? More casual than formal…

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27 Feb 2018 20:44
berberè is a pizza spot 5 mins away. Not been to that specific one but have been to their Isola branch and the food is pretty sick.

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28 Feb 2018 00:16
Berbere (via Vigevano) or Sorbillo (Via Savona) for pizza. Sorbillo is very traditional Naples style pizza, Berbere more modern, already cut in slices you usually get a few to share.
Pescaria (Via Solari), for great fish sandwiches;
Flower Burger (Via Tortona) for surprisingly good vegan “burger”;
La Latteria (Via Codaro) for pugliese cuisine
Osteria dei Binari (Via Tortona) for some Milanese cuisine, a bit in the pricey side though
Il Boccino (Via Tortona) good Italian food, a bit expensive though
A Casa Eatery (Via Conca del Naviglio)

Just a few that I have in mind, if you need something more specific just let me know

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28 Feb 2018 11:33
La Latteria (Via Codaro) for pugliese cuisine
Osteria dei Binari (Via Tortona) for some Milanese cuisine, a bit in the pricey side though

Soprattutto Binari, totale!
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1 Mar 2018 15:53
Amazing, grazie!
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posted 13 Jul 2019 16:43, edited 13 Jul 2019 16:43
Current best pizzerie:

- Da Zero
- Assaje
- Sorbillo Lievito Madre (you could also try his other two which are Sorbillo Gourmand and Sorbillo Olio A Crudo)
- Berberè
- Pizzium
- Da Michele
- Marghe
- Piz (the guy also owns Pizza AM and Napiz which are as good)

If you want some twists on pizza you could try:

- Pomet (same owner of Piz and Pizza AM, here he serves Pizza a portafoglio, which is a sort of panino mostly to eat on the go)
- Antica Pizza Fritta Zia Esterina (fried pizza to eat on the go)
- Giolina (great traditional pizza paired with tailored made cocktails)

Some new restaurants, or places I think I haven't listed before

- Distreat (new, but great)
- Nebbia
- Becho
- Gesto
- Osteria Conchetta (milanese tradition)
- Barmare
- Trippa (their Vitello Tonnato is unreal!)
- La Terza Carbonaia (very 80s, but the meat here is top notch)
- ALventicinque
- Sapori Solari Cocktails Bistrot (if you want taglieri\salumi\etc this is great)
- Trattoria De La Trebia (great meat, more formal and pricey)
- Trattoria Bolognese Da Mauro (tagliatelle or gramigna al ragù, full stop!)
- Lungo La Notte
- Clotilde Bistrot Brera (the terrace is very nice should you need a particular place, not tried the food so can't rate it yet)
- Superficiale
- Osteria del Treno
- Crosta

Craft Beers

- Baladin (now closed until Sept)
- Pavè Birra
- BeerShow
- Tre Quarti
- Birrificio Italiano
- Tap Milano
- Hop
- Lambiczoon (their burgers are great)
- Orso Verde Tap Room
- Birrificio Lambrate (OG, where everything started down here with regards to craft beers)
- BeerBox (also a shop, closes early)
- Hops Beer Shop (as above)
- Bere Buona Birra (again as above)
- La Buttiga


- Mag
- Iter
- Barba
- Backdoor (world's smallest cocktail bar, only two seats and one bartender just for you)
- Drinc.
- Surfers' Den
- Raboucer
- Lacerba
- Camparino in Galleria (don't sit, or be aware it gets pricey, for a Campari Seltz\Shackerato\Spritz facing the Duomo)
- Rita (check also their new Tiki's Room just opposite)
- Ceresio 7 (owned by Dsquared twins, and I've said everything, but bar and location are superb)
- The Stage


- Enoteca Naturale
- Surlì
- Il Cavallante
- Signorvino (the one with less character among these, but it's always a valid option)
- Bicerìn
- Bottega del Vino La Coloniale
- Il Vinaccio
- Sutto Wine
- Cantine Isola
- Alle Zitelle


- OttO (good also for light lunches)
- Circolo Reduci e Combattenti (hidden gem, bar is wack here, but the place is so good!)
- Frida
- Santeria Toscana 31
- Cafè Gorille
- Deus
- The Botanical Club


- Pavé
- Gelsomina
- Cucchi
- Marchesi
- Gattullo
- Hygge (brunch as well)
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13 Jul 2019 17:13
Thanks Anto
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20 Nov 2019 09:16
Any Milan based Fuk'ers?
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20 Nov 2019 09:58
Anto! His recommendations are great - my missus grew up in Milan and still has family there, but I use Anto's suggestions 3-4x a year Smiling