Menswear: Military/JP street + affiliated gear talk

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14 Jan 2017 07:12
"knitted in Germany"

"Shorter in length than the Watch Cap"

Two reasons not to buy
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posted 26 Jan 2017 19:06, edited 26 Jan 2017 19:06
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13 Feb 2017 20:46

another bdub for sale
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16 Feb 2017 23:41
Does wtaps not make bdu's in small or is the resell market just that dry? I've been looking for a little and only ever see medium or large.

On a related note, propper surplus bdu's are big step down in terms of feel/look which I guess I should have expected. Sucks cause I have a pair of "vintage" military olive pants that I like better than both taps and propper so far, but can't find any info on them.