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3 Mar 2014 14:09

Some nice bits in here!
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3 Mar 2014 14:12
yellowpages wrote: @Anto - Saw Slow To Speak DJing at the Sub Club in Glasgow last night, wasn't particularly busy but hands down the best DJ set I've seen since Omar S last year. Only knew two tracks (Steve Poindexter - Computer Madness and Carl Craig's Falling Up remix) but loved every minute. Two and a half hour set too.

Yeah, they're so underrated and don't get the attention they deserved at all! Would like to see them but can't see them playing in Italy soon Sad . Love their mixes, always full of unknown tracks, at least for me, but always great tunes!
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7 Mar 2014 19:37

Melancholic Soul Cool
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9 Mar 2014 09:33

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9 Mar 2014 09:39
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9 Mar 2014 12:00
Cool listen for a sunday that Paul Nice
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15 Mar 2014 01:12
My brother's Essential Mix is live until 3am -
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15 Mar 2014 22:53
Do you know what starts around 20 minutes? Need that Ubercool
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16 Mar 2014 01:30
That essential mix is great, had it in twice today whilst I was painting. JM is so good when he is selecting house/techno. Last time I saw him at a swamp night though we walked up stairs to watch Kloseone instead as it was awful pop/rnb. Csb
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18 Mar 2014 23:56
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22 Mar 2014 11:19
Shadow Of A Doubt (something lovely) by akalepse
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posted 22 Mar 2014 11:47, edited 22 Mar 2014 11:47
That mk radio 1 essential mix is one of the best mixes ive heard in years. Actual technique aint the best, but the tracks he drops together throughout blow your mind.
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22 Mar 2014 13:16
Will check the Paul Nice. The Soul Grill comps he did still get an airing
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22 Mar 2014 13:21

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27 Mar 2014 23:14
De La Soul "Smell The Da.I.S.Y." Mixtape (Produced by J Dilla)*Seamless Mix* by wearedelasoul
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29 Mar 2014 01:49
1998 Deep Dish Essential mix. Far prefer it to the one they did last week.

Sanasol vs Ozzy - Seveneleven (Sanaramalongermix) [Thule]
Artist Unknown - Primitive Tools Edition One [Primitive]
Attaboy - Solid Space Business [Pagan]
Emily - Socks on Loan [Yoshitoshi]
Problem Kids - Miles Away (Two Bit Whore Mix) [Paper]
Wambonix - Deep Affection [Earth]
Latino Circus - In Your Soul [Yoshitoshi]
David Alvarado - Passion Fruit [Yoshitoshi]
Deep Dish - Summer's Over (Deep Dish 007 Mix) [Deconstruction]
All-Star Madness - Magic (mix?) [Atlantic]
Danny Tenaglia Featuring Cevin Fisher - The Better Days [Twisted]
Korsakov - Deep In Space [Muller]
PSI Perfomer - Part Two (Untitled B2) [K2 O]
Love + Rockets - Resurrection Hex (Deep Dish Luv 'n' Dub Mix) [Red Ant]
2 Phat C - Ride [Yoshitoshi]
Aril Brikha - Groove La' Chord [Fragile]
Stonemaker - Tangent [Bellboy]
Klarky Cat - Crunchy Bear [Toko #13]
K.O.T Featuring Julie McKnight - I Want You [Yoshitoshi]
Deep Dish Featuring Everything But The Girl - The Future Of The Future [DeConstruction]
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29 Mar 2014 11:23
that tracklist looks pretty good
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posted 29 Mar 2014 14:12, edited 29 Mar 2014 14:12
I think Mike Paradinas might just have created the next worst thing to happen to dance culture, either that or it's absolute fucking genius.

edit: shit doesn't want to embed
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29 Mar 2014 14:20
that is fucking awful.
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4 Apr 2014 15:33
Can anyone recommend any good late 90s house sets?