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28 Jan 2015 22:53
are bimmer's noticeably sensitive to tyre pressure changes?

steering on mine's started pulling ever so slightly and a quick tyre pressure check shows like a 1psi difference in the front - but can't imagine that small a difference making any impact?

cba if it needs the wheels realigning - potential blag on a 2 month old motor? fucking potholes.
Mike Hunt
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28 Jan 2015 22:59
Fuck all to-do with the tyres son.
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28 Jan 2015 23:14
tracking shouldn't be out after a couple months
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2 Feb 2015 22:09
even if you hit a pothole or whatever?
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3 Feb 2015 07:53
phish wrote: …steering on mine's started pulling ever so slightly..

which way is it pulling? To the left?
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3 Feb 2015 16:51
course tracking /alignment can be done by a pothole or fucked/uneven tyres. get it done and if it aint that, take it back
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18 Feb 2015 09:35
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25 Feb 2015 17:01
do saabs break?
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posted 25 Feb 2015 17:28, edited 25 Feb 2015 17:28
Their reputation for ridiculous longevity was lost under GM ownership but I wouldn't say they are any more or less reliable than the equivalent Vauxhall/Ford/VW as long as it has been maintained.

There are major Saab bargains to be had since the marque went under. People get nervous about owning something that's defunct but parts will be plentiful for years to come.
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25 Feb 2015 17:38
Didn't realise they were bankrupt again!
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2 Mar 2015 20:25
Put my A3 into Audi this morning, Engine management light on and stop start system fault showing - felt really sluggish aswell, wouldn't get the revs up. Hopefully all under warranty if anything bad!

Whilst i was there, said there were 300 15' plate cars going out this week, oil crash? what oil crash?