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15 Jul 2021 13:25
Cat n is non structural damage… it might have been stolen and damaged (almost always goes hand in hand)… if it was stolen it would be cat x insurance claim…

Cat n will be a higher insurance premium, if the car is mega cheap it wouldn’t put me off but I’d pay a mechanic 200 quid or so to properly go over it to make sure it’s been repaired properly

Having said that the seller hasn’t been 100% truthful so personally I wouldn’t proceed
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posted 15 Jul 2021 13:40, edited 15 Jul 2021 13:40
themistake wrote: A fashion forum is probably not the best place to seek this sort of advice, but I know a few of you are well into your cars.

I'm looking to buy a second hand car.
I've found one I like, but the owner is saying its stolen/recovered and that's has been classified as cat N.
He claims he bought from a police auction as non runner and 'all it needed was a new battery and a few bits like spark plugs, 1 ignition coil, rear spring and new filters (air, oil and air on) as it had been sat for a while'…

All sounds fairly innocent, but just not sure if this is one to avoid?
I've asked for the paperwork from the police auction and initial garage inspection.

The battery, spark plugs, filters etc are maintenance items, a car would never be written off for that.
As toocan says above cat N means non structural, but there must have been some more damage (bumpers, lights etc but not chassis related) or bits nicked, trim, seats, idrive or other media controllers and screen etc for it to be written off in the first place.
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15 Jul 2021 15:28
Cheers guys. It's a bit mad that you can't check the insurance report for why something has been classified.
I assume the insurer is the one filing the classification, so why not give a bit of background info.