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posted 11 Jan 2011 20:20, edited 11 Jan 2011 20:20
The official MR PORTER thread - http://mrporter.com
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11 Nov 2018 10:34

That is pure jokes!
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12 Nov 2018 09:14
maximus wrote: The stuff that’s marked seasonal, does that go in the sale or is it the other way round?
Can never remember!

seasonal goes in sale. "permanent collection" doesnt
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28 Dec 2018 15:11
Paid extra for Saturday delivery for sale order as knew someone would be home all day, DHL instead tried to deliver today (no-one in) and next redelivery day is 2nd Jan now which is the day we go away for two weeks Evil

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28 Dec 2018 15:48
Not even got a dispatch email yet. Bought at midnight on 26th as well.

You can go depot can’t you if desperate?
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28 Dec 2018 17:06
That's around the same time I ordered too. Feels like they've been really poor during sales in recent years.

Called DHL anyway, who say Mr P only paid for standard weekday delivery so Saturday not an option, they've managed to fit it in on the 31st after some pleading. And Mr P are refunding postage costs.
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28 Dec 2018 20:01
Last year took 7-10 days during start of the sale
Must have loads of orders to get through though
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28 Dec 2018 20:48
When does mr p usually hit 70% off?
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28 Dec 2018 22:07
No itchy tat finger this year. Was slightly tempted by some ssense bits at 70 off but the lack of larger sizes stopped that. Last year got loads of bargains in Mr P sale
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posted 29 Dec 2018 00:20, edited 29 Dec 2018 00:20
They increased the price of an item I was looking at from £1500 to £2000 then put it on sale at 50% off the inflated price. Can't be arsed spending that sort of money as if i'm in a sports direct store so will shop elsewhere
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29 Dec 2018 10:57
Interesting, what item was it? Not sure that's legal?
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29 Dec 2018 12:14
spotted loads of shops do it. Especially around Black Friday
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29 Dec 2018 21:33
Caliroots had a discount that was time specific, and have decided to extend it to the end of the year. Doubt Swedish trading standards will be too bothered!
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29 Dec 2018 22:11
C-Stylez wrote: spotted loads of shops do it. Especially around Black Friday


They're all at it with hiking up prices to artificially cut them - wine in supermarkets particularly bad for it.
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posted 31 Dec 2018 11:01, edited 31 Dec 2018 11:01
You really need to be quite on the ball with what things cost, Yoox is also a major offender.. The Visvim varsity jacket hovered between £2000 to £1300 now back to £1900!Evil
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7 Jan 2019 11:19
Anyone got their sale stuff yet? Ordered on the 28th and still not dispatched.
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7 Jan 2019 11:44
My order I placed on Boxing Day arrived mid last week and an order I made on the 30th is due to arrive today. I'm London based if that helps at all…
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7 Jan 2019 11:49
They were all delayed due to sales apprently. Mine arrived last Friday and was ordered on 28th. I'm Hampshire if that helps. Definitely argue for discount code or refund on delivery.
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7 Jan 2019 13:11
Cheers fellas
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31 Jan 2019 06:49
Just gone 80%
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31 Jan 2019 09:22
mike-hunt wrote: Just gone 80%

cheers for the heads up! Just bought 3 things I don't need Laughing out loud