Random Fashion Questions: MR PORTER Thread

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posted 11 Jan 2011 20:20, edited 11 Jan 2011 20:20
The official MR PORTER thread - http://mrporter.com
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2 Dec 2020 14:12
Most likely it is coming from their Italian warehouse, and will be delivered via DHL. Normal turnaround is 4-5 days
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posted 2 Dec 2020 15:28, edited 2 Dec 2020 15:28
It usually says from one of our other facilitys though, and it hasn't even prossesed yet, let alone shipped Puzzled

Probably just delayed because of the busy cyber weekend [fingers crossed]
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25 Dec 2020 22:36
Mr.P sale seems on. Once you put an item in your basket you see the reduction!
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26 Dec 2020 00:00
Have I somehow chosen 9 items that aren’t in the sale? Basket’s showing me no love…
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26 Dec 2020 00:08
Centurionone wrote: Mr.P sale seems on. Once you put an item in your basket you see the reduction!

Nice one, was waiting and seeing nothing go in to the sale. Thanks for the heads up Smiling
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26 Dec 2020 09:37
Sale is poor and service at Porter these days is crap.
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26 Dec 2020 09:52
There's two shirts I bought in the last sale now for more than I paid back then Puzzled
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26 Dec 2020 11:15
Strummer wrote: Sale is poor and service at Porter these days is crap.

This - depends what brands you into but I've done better with Matches sale
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26 Dec 2020 13:43
Matches seems much more on the ball than Mr.P! They do not try to fool you with adding old clearance stuff to seasonal sales with higher prices. Also the delivery service is much better in London, they use Addison Lee. Since before Covid started whenever I ordered something from Mr.P for evening delivery they messed it up ( at least 6 times ) I gave up after that ! Their staffing levels must be very low too!.
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26 Dec 2020 14:19
Matches customer service is very good. Especially the returns; they are super easy to book for DHL etc. Plus the packaging and experience is much better in general. It feels like a company that didn't lose what made it special once it got VC backing, unlike some, e.g. END, Mr P etc.
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26 Dec 2020 15:10
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26 Dec 2020 15:29
Venture Capital, even though in the phase of those companies is just more tradition Private Equity, rather than VC.

Anyway, imo that might be true for End, but I reckon for MrP should be something else the issue, possibly a shift in strategy since Richemont acquisition?
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26 Dec 2020 16:19
Yes true, apologies, I get the two mixed up. I think with Mr P it was when it merged with Yoox, as it became more inclined to hold on to old stock and resell it for random prices.

End has definitely lost itself. Fair play to the owners though for getting to where they are.
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28 Dec 2020 10:16
I think for what was a small shop in Newcastle (iirc), end has done unbelievably well.
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28 Dec 2020 12:12
In 15years too?
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28 Dec 2020 12:47
They smashed a fortune in when Lyle & Scott knitwear became the weapon of choice for the man in the street.
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9 Jan 2021 16:08
copped a couple of bits but gonna return them. anyone interested before i do?

sefr gray denim jeans - w32 and w34 £102 + fees/postages


our legacy frontier check shirt - sz50 and 52 £125 + fees/postage

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28 Jan 2021 12:53
Did anyone get the Medium in this?


Need it
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28 Jan 2021 13:26
Ordered something that arrived on the 12th. It's damaged. 16 days later Mr P are still "investigating". Whatever that means. Hopeless. Laughing out loud .

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28 Jan 2021 13:38
They’re always slow in sales but will come thru