General Discussion: Munich

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10 Apr 2022 19:05
Off to Munich on Thursday till Monday

Anyone been, any recommendations on decent shops, food, culture etc

thank you in advance!
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10 Apr 2022 19:18
Augustiner bier garten is great, probably avoid the table service section. If the weather is nice the huge park in the centre is great for a walk / cycle / swim.
Frühlingsanlagen as well.

You can get a train for about 30 mins to a number of lakes if the weather is really good or for a more traditional atmosphere.

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10 Apr 2022 19:32
If you like the avant-garde/stylezeitgeist end of things the excellent Hide[m] is there
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11 Apr 2022 10:50
Went to Schwabinger Osterwaldgarten a couple of years ago and had a great time, really good fun.

Closer to the centre Zum Dürnbräu was more staid and traditional but still a good experience.
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11 Apr 2022 20:57
Thanks for the input gents much appreciated as always

A little too ninja wear for me that gawk but thank you all the same

I’ll have a scan online to see if I can dig further
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14 Jun 2022 09:45
I went for the weekend for the first time and absolutely loved it. Real Parisian vibe around the old town with great table service infront of stunning buildings. The main Höfbrauhaus was a bit of a tourist trap but worth checking out for at least one beer because the inside itself and sheer size of the place is a bit special.

Best meal was probably in the biggest beer garden in Münich at Hirschgarten.

Renting bikes and cycling around the Englischer Garten is a must do too.