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9 Dec 2007 22:25
now thats odd at the other end of the scale !
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9 Dec 2007 22:26
Noble Locks wrote: id rather cut my own cock off with bestys old tin of beans than go on holiday on my own…fucking would hate it, eating alone is sad, drinking alone is sad…not for me…horses for courses…i cant even go in a pub on my own, would rather go home

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9 Dec 2007 22:26
Oasisunit wrote: i can't stand and get depressed to even go to the supermarket or the library on my own Oops

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9 Dec 2007 22:29
edit lol
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10 Dec 2007 00:54
I could never go on Holiday on my own, but I travel a lot with work and have friends in quite a few cities abroad so eating out drinking doesnt become a problem. Although I have been stuck in some shitholes on my own working and get some free time so have to entertain myself which I have no problem with. I have travelled on my own for Holiday plenty of times, as Im meeting friends who live in say New York and staying with them for the week. I couldnt bring myself to go on my own or knowing someone wasnt greeting me at the other end.
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15 Sep 2008 18:02
Im off to NY tomorrow morning, last time I went was 06, can anyone in the know post up a link or a rundown of the must visit stores etc. I know the high street ones like Uniqlo etc, just more stuff you can only see in NY. Galleries/stuff do do/eat/drink also. Thanks!

If anyone needs something picking up pm me and I'll sort it. Goldens only and £££ within reason! ta
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15 Sep 2008 18:33
balthazar is one of the best places to eat in ny the french onion soup is amazing

odin, steve allen, opening ceramony, seven, are all nice shops round soho + tribeca
and barnys department store is ace
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6 Feb 2009 21:58
Going on 16th, whats good? stayin near central park, suggestions on places to eat, party, things to do in the day?

pretty gutted going with mate whose 20 so either going out boozin on my own or not at all Sad.
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6 Feb 2009 22:03
Comedy clubs are great, and I didn't get ID'd either, and I look about 12 - can get tickets from loads of people up near broadway.
Museums are really good too, especially if you are into space (no space geek Oops )
I spent about 3 days on my own and never got bored, theres plenty to do, Barneys is the best shop in the world.
Spent most of my time walking around in pure amazement, absolutely loved it over there.
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6 Feb 2009 22:09
yeah think just gona be walking around mainly.. i know im gona love it.. only going for 5 days but going again in april when mates 21. Heard you can jsut walk around and not get bored cos every areas so different..
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6 Feb 2009 22:11
off there on the 14th Smiling
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7 Feb 2009 16:26
whats the longest i can stay in new york? is there something like 3 month tourist visa?
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7 Feb 2009 19:05
famez wrote: whats the longest i can stay in new york? is there something like 3 month tourist visa?
Yeah 90 days i believe as a tourist.
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7 Feb 2009 21:23
go to sway or the rub over in bk for a night out, go to for the best pizza, and hear for the corn all the shops are in this area, theres nothing much uptown except the tourist spots of course, talking of shops, im never impressed with shops in NY, as the way is now, you can get everything on the internet, really hard these days to cop something that'll blow everyone away with back home, just hit the streets, get lost, check out all the main attractions, just be a tourist!
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23 Feb 2009 13:28
mod how was it im off friday ???
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23 Feb 2009 13:46
When the fuck is this dollar/pound going to sort itself out. Never been when I've cared for clobber and I really want to check out Odin etc.
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23 Feb 2009 13:48
if i knew that I wouldnt be here talking to you lot Sad
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25 Mar 2009 22:14
Going tomorrow…any more suggestions?
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13 Apr 2013 12:23
Off to NYC in a couple of weeks.

Anyone recommend any decent breakfast/lunch/dinner spots? Got a couple of dinners booked but would like to find a couple of chilled out burger/Mexican type places.

Staying Lower East Side. Thanks
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13 Apr 2013 12:32
Shake Shack was the best burger i had in NYC. You should go to Baohaus on 14th St between 2nd and 3rd avenue and Caracas Arepa Bar on 7th St. on 1st avenue. Both are relaxed and great.

Gimme a PM if you want more suggestions. It felt like I spent my whole 4 months in NYC eating.