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29 Apr 2013 03:46
Not sure about prices, but I know that American Airlines have new planes with bigger seatback screens and some that also have transatlantic WiFi.;=newplanes

Otherwise, i'd suck it up and fly BA - especially if you can pick one of the newer planes too. Terminal 5 is miles above everything else and if you hold any Oneworld status (BA, AA, Cathay etc) then you have a decent chance of getting upgraded too.

I used to fly Cathay everywhere and now everything else is a disappointment Sad
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29 Apr 2013 11:08
Some advice please. Me and the girl friend are wanting to head over either the end of August or into the start of September. Would it be better to just wait until September starts? I read above that prices fall sharply when it gets into September but does it really make much difference? Also where would be good to go (north or south america) for say 8-9 days as a post New York relaxing holiday? Just want somewhere with a nice beach, good restaurants and a fairly decent nightlife.


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29 Apr 2013 11:34
If you don't want to go far you could drive upto the cape. Nice beaches there. Visit Boston as well.
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29 Apr 2013 12:06
Tampa is a short flight away and the beaches are incredible, Treasure Island beach is a lot quieter than Clearwater and it has beach bars/legal drinking.

Looking at Kayak prices seem to drop in the last week of August.
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29 Apr 2013 12:08
Could do a mini road trip, stop off at a few places en route to Boston. Stayed around Mystic & New London a few year back, couple of hour drive north of north east of NYC, Misquamicut / East beach are great.

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30 Apr 2013 04:52
might as well wait til september. NYC is grim in august and everyone leaves anyway.
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30 Apr 2013 08:59
Martha's Vineyard is nice
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30 Apr 2013 18:32
spanky wrote: might as well wait til september. NYC is grim in august and everyone leaves anyway.

Why is it grim ?

@walnuts, ye in September you can get a return for around the 450 mark reckon thats me sorted. Any cheaper than that is a bonus i'm just gonna keep playing with it until i've got that the cash then pull the trigger.
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3 May 2013 15:23
@Malik - it's very hot and humid - you will be drenched with sweat every day. unpleasant time to be in a big city. september it cools off but is still way warmer than london summertime
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3 May 2013 15:28
^ Agree, summer is a the worst period to be in a big city like NY. Went in june last year and it was already incredibly hot and humid.
Friedns who went in August told me they would never go back there in july\august.
If you can go in september, go for it!
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8 Jun 2013 12:18
Anyone got the superfuture guide they could email me please?
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8 Jun 2013 12:43
Yeah, pm me your email
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16 Jul 2013 05:57
Stopping off in NYC on our way back home in a few weeks. Any suggestions for things to do considering we have a 7 month old in tow? Pretty gutted we can't do the comedy cellar this time round Sad
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2 Sep 2013 23:08
Is Williamsburg a decent place to stay? Me and two mates are looking at those roomorama room rentals at the moment and Brooklyn's coming up quite a lot. Am I being unrealistic in wanting to stay in west village or soho too without wanting to get my wallet raped.
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2 Sep 2013 23:46
i'm sure it's fine - well connected, seems pretty safe.

on another note, i went to williamsburg yesterday and was distinctly underwhelmed by the place - seems to be a lot of hype around it, and i really couldn't see why. it was a bit naff, reminded me of Camden. was i missing something? is it at its best at night?
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2 Sep 2013 23:52
you will have an awesome time there do not think twice about it!!! under 10 mins to union square-trains to literally everywhere manhattan wise from there
i was the slightly more hood side of lower east side for a while paying $1800pm before i crossed the bridge, dread to think what a room in soho is
roomorama is airbnb for nankids!
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2 Sep 2013 23:59
its the professional daughter capital of the world whats not to like, but honestly did you look? pm for recommendations
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3 Sep 2013 08:58
Your opinion on Williamsburg will probably be roughly identical to your opinion on Shoreditch if you get what I mean.

From an access point of view it's perfect for getting into Manhattan, just a 5-10 minute ride on the L train which runs 24 hours anyway.
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13 Jan 2014 13:12
Heading again in a little over 2 weeks for a mates bday (he lives there) & it turns out its Superbowl weekend which Ive a feeling is gonna make it a nightmare to get into a lot of places club'wise + even bar'wise to see the game seen as there's 8 of us & the game is on in neighbouring NJ.
Anyone done anything similar with a group of lads (no homo) or got recommendations on places that are a bit of a buzz but not up their own arses….Im thinkin at the mo we'll prob just end up crawling around bars in the Village / Chelsea
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20 Jan 2014 12:39
What shops are worth checking out?