Random Fashion Questions: The new (Bell) End Clothing website

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12 Apr 2018 09:42
I "won" the right to purchase a pair of knitted Vans.
The shoes were really nice except for the fact one of the soles was about 2 inches thinner than the other shoe, looked like they'd melted or something.

Had to chase them up to get my postage refunded and no apology or offer to let me "win" another raffle.
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12 Apr 2018 10:05
I once signed up for 3 shoes in one go thinking I wouldn't win anything anyway - 1 pair I really wanted, other 2 were booby prizes, but thought I'd give'em a shot. Won the 2 shite ones Laughing out loud Didn't even try'em on, just looked at them in disgust and backed them.

And they charge you shipping on everything, too, even if it's over the £150 threshold they have on their normal site.
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12 Apr 2018 11:44
safe to say End are fully taking the piss these days.
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12 Apr 2018 11:44
Think I’ve entered about 4 of em and never won , thought I’d have more of a chance with my uncommonly sizes plates
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posted 12 Apr 2018 12:26, edited 12 Apr 2018 12:26
Fully aware I’m not gonna ‘win’ them but is 209 not the standard retail for the off white vapormax?
carl lewis
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12 Apr 2018 15:11
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12 Apr 2018 15:59
Correct. Offspring put something up on Instagram for the last release saying they made a mistake on the pricing and it had been revised by Nike to £209.
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posted 12 Apr 2018 17:17, edited 12 Apr 2018 17:17
Burt wrote: Think I’ve entered about 5 of em and never won..