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7 Aug 2017 12:28
Cheers Morgan.
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7 Aug 2017 12:45
illwill wrote: Believing that you're the chosen people gives you a bit of a superiority complex.

It's that and an understandable persecution complex.
It's slowly disappearing with generations though.

The liberal younger people couldn't be any more welcoming.

It's worse in Prestwich near Manchester.
They do not like to mix with anyone. Even the young liberal Jews are cunts.
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posted 7 Aug 2017 12:49, edited 7 Aug 2017 12:49
Bails78 wrote: Cheers Morgan.

No worries mate.
Here is a post from TripAdvisor

If they love Martin Luther King you're all good!! Laughing out loud

Yuri U · 29 January 2016, 21:08
Netanya, Israel · 11,173 forum posts
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Israel is not strange to people of African back ground, as been said in previous threads.

What would you expect from Jewish people? One of the most powerful and mysterious Biblical figures: Moses's wife - Zipora is believed to be African black. The most gorgeous female, described in Song of the Songs says about herself: "I'm blackiest and fairest of gaughters of Jerusalem!"

Any form of racism is strongly against Jewish culture. Please have a look, at the list of Dr. Martin Luther King's supporters, you'll find out most of them were Jewish.

You've got nothing to worry about. Come over and have a ball!

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7 Aug 2017 12:54
Was reading the other day about an area in the States with a high Orthodox population. They got themselves elected to the school board with the intent of cutting off funding to the local public schools.

All their kids went to private religious schools so they didn't want to pay for the public schools. Laughing out loud
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posted 7 Aug 2017 13:33, edited 7 Aug 2017 13:33
There are some cunts but let's not go Jew bashing.
I found 99% of them cool when I was there.

I found muslims a lot worse when I was travelling around the Middle East.
I'm not bashing muslims either.
It's perspective.

There is racism everywhere so it wouldn't stop me travelling unless it was countrywide like the gay bashing in Russia. They can just fuck off.
Everywhere I have been they're the loudest and rudest cunts I've ever known.
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7 Aug 2017 15:59
Yeah, you can't move for gay people being beaten up in Russia.
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7 Aug 2017 16:18
Sarcasm yes?
Openly gay people will be beaten up. That's a fact.
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7 Aug 2017 17:44
Tel Aviv is a great, as Morgan said very cosmopolitan
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7 Aug 2017 20:02
Forgot to mention there's quite a large Ethiopian Christian and Jew population there now as well as many visitors from Ethiopia… so you're very unlikely to come across 'racism'

And as someone said before there is a lot more genuine racism towards anyone darker than themselves in the Arab/Muslim parts of the world.
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posted 9 Aug 2017 21:54, edited 9 Aug 2017 21:54
BBC one now is going to show Tel Aviv and its tolerance of gay people ..thought it relevant to the chat.
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13 Aug 2017 15:17
^ They should do one of these in Egypt or Turkey.