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24 Sep 2019 17:20
Looks well up my street, thanks for the recommendation.

Want to do a decent sea food place for dinner one evening, had a look at Estiatorio Milos which looks quite fancy (possible style over substance?) - any other tips warmly welcomed.
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24 Sep 2019 17:31
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24 Sep 2019 17:45
Thanks, quite capable of that - guess there's no merit in getting a personal recommendation from fuk for anything then since google can do it all?
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24 Sep 2019 17:51
jplxx wrote: Anyone know if your allowed an empty sigg bottle as carry on on a flight?
wembly wrote: yes!

You sure? Seen they’d been banned from some events incase you make a bomb with it or some shite.
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24 Sep 2019 17:57
Took the large Sigg on EasyJet a coupla months ago no problem.
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25 Sep 2019 04:39
fudge.dredd wrote: ^ around the JBL walk area.

Dubai is a one off place, but stay around the JBL area, go and drink at places like Billionaires Mansion, then get the hell out of there.

JBR is the place above, Marina is decent too but would depend on the hotel. Depending on the type of holiday, my preference would be somewhere like Five The Palm. That side of town is much easier to scope out for bars etc. If you need any help, on anything, let me know.
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27 Sep 2019 08:37
Looking at Porto for a bit of a cheap weekend away next year, where’s the best area to be looking to stay? Want somewhere with good food and drink, usual fuk kind of hangouts.
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29 Sep 2019 13:30
Going to Budapest at end of October. Any recommendations for food, sites, spas, shops etc?
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30 Sep 2019 09:44
Avoid everything in the old jewish neighborhood. It is nothing but drunken Brits on stags.

Can recommend this place:

Amazing tapas and very cheap.
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posted 3 Oct 2019 20:11, edited 3 Oct 2019 20:11
I'm going to Venice for a few days next week. Any recommendations on which neighbourhood's to stay in? Staying in the centre is too expensive. I was looking at places near Mestre train station.

Edit: my wife booked a hotel near Mestre station.

Any good recommendations for places to eat/drink?
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5 Nov 2019 11:29
Heading Vilnius this weekend with the mrs - any tips for bars/restaurants/things to see?