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21 Feb 2012 11:26
Off to Poland for a short break soon, know a few off here have been. What are food/beer prices like?
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22 Feb 2012 21:03
go in air con jeep.

Trains are a mare
Noble Locks
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22 Feb 2012 21:35
if i pm you, would you be able to pick me up some of the traditional polish bread and sweets from a polish mini mart, i had them once and loved them.
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22 Feb 2012 21:37
yeah it's a nightmare trying to find polish foodstuffs in the UK
Noble Locks
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22 Feb 2012 21:39
be like going on holiday on hanger lane roundabout.
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22 Feb 2012 22:14
Any expedia or codes about?
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22 Feb 2012 23:09
Noble Locks wrote: be like going on holiday on hanger lane roundabout.

Laughing out loud
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3 Mar 2012 20:09
Anyone know any decent places to stay in Innsbruck Austria?
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6 Mar 2012 20:46
Looking at doing three days in amsterdam in August, any sites/companies people have used before and can recommend?
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7 Mar 2012 00:15
Anyone ever stayed in a Ryokan in Kyoto before? Having trouble finding one available and in a decent location.
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9 Mar 2012 12:07
Any restaurant recommendations for Milan?

Bird's from there so suggestions may be wasted anyway when she rules the roost
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9 Mar 2012 12:49
nobu Laughing out loud
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13 Mar 2012 17:59
I'm going to Paris with my gf this weekend, first time I've been. got this list of things to do so far (not including all the classic sights, obvs), any other recommendations? will be there for 3 days, staying in the 4th arrondissement.
Arc de Triomphe
Père Lachaise Cemetery
Tuileries Gardens
Musee D'Orsay
Luxembourg Gardens
Musée de l'Orangerie
Basilique du Sacré-Cœur
Le Marais district
Musée Rodin
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13 Mar 2012 18:19
That Londoner blog bird was in Paris recently, did a good write up with some places she went, might provide some ideas
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13 Mar 2012 18:22
check the opening times of the catacombs, it was shut on a Monday (i think) when we went. also get there early as queues can get big….its really good though.
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16 Mar 2012 18:50
Going to go to Italy in may, can get cheap flights to Pisa. Thinking 7-9 days doing Pisa, Florence + maybe Bologna on the train. Sound good? Anywhere else we should/shouldn't go?

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16 Mar 2012 19:13
Go pompadou centre, I coulda spent the whole day in there when I went last month.
Nightlife found this area was probably the best
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21 Mar 2012 00:14
Got back from Thailand last week, £ is so shit at the moment… looking 90 bhat for a can of lager which is £2… talkin 330mls here.

Gotto hype up Qatar Airways…. best airline by far! Choose them over any other airline.
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21 Mar 2012 00:23
Thailand has also got a lot more expensive though innit
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21 Mar 2012 00:28
Emirates > Qatar

But echo what Duffman said, thailand is no longer a cheap holiday. If you want Thailand prices of 20 years ago go Cambodia/Laos.