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9 Nov 2012 10:32
PHiL wrote: Yeah thought that.

Bruges looks promising though, you been?

Bruges it nice but very touristic… why not Antwerp, one of my favourite cities in Europe and loads of cool shops, bars, restaurants,etc. You can even take a train to Bruges from there and visit both.
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9 Nov 2012 11:02
diederik wrote: Bruges it nice but very touristic… why not Antwerp

Noble Locks wrote: Fuck Prague you Twerp.

Noble Locks wrote: My answer was in my post son Eye-wink

Noble Locks
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9 Nov 2012 16:41
Thanks Andy me old mate. Cool
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9 Nov 2012 22:35
Fuck Antwerp. You'd be mad riding her there
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9 Nov 2012 22:44
So, take a plane? Cityjet flies there from London City or BMI from Manchester or fly to Charleroi or Brussels, plenty of options.
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17 Nov 2012 12:16
I promised carl_lewis I'd put up some photos from a recent holiday to Alicante, so here they are.

We (not me and carl_lewis) stayed in an apartment just back from the main town square, and a 10 minute walk from the beach.

It was around 23 or 24 degrees most days, and the sea was plenty warm enough to swim in every day. That and eating outside in late October is quite a novelty when you live in Edinburgh.

Alicante has a population of around 330,000, but the Old Town where we were staying is the main touristy bit and is quite compact. It runs from the beach up the side of a rock on which there's the Castle of Santa Bárbara.

The Old Town is full of narrow streets, interesting architecture, and loads of bars and restaurants.

The beach is long and a pretty shallow gradient - you can walk out into the sea for maybe 50 metres. There's a promenade that runs the full length of the harbour and the beach.

There's a tunnel into the centre of the castle rock, with a lift going up through the rock to the castle above.

The views from the castle are pretty spectacular.

On one of the days we took a tram out to El Campello, further up the coast. There wasn't really much to see there aside from a tower built to look out for Barbary pirates. The place was pretty dead, very much an out-of-season tourist place, unlike Alicante which was still pretty busy.

Another day we took a boat trip out to an island called Isla de Tabarca. It used to be a raiding base for Barbary pirates until the Spanish kicked them out and built a fort in the 18th century.

There are hundreds of cats all over the island, probably descended from ship's cats, and they outnumber the human residents significantly (68 permanent residents). When we had lunch there were 5 or 6 cats sitting around us waiting for scraps, and dozens more roaming the town square, quite weird. Like something from a horror film really.

More photos on Facebook for those that can see them.
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17 Nov 2012 12:20
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17 Nov 2012 12:23
Nice pictures, looks lovely. Cool
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17 Nov 2012 16:17
Best wrote: Cool
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17 Nov 2012 22:13
Lanzarote was alright in the end, was in a nice quiet town near the beach.
Exactly what I wanted , nice relaxing week Cool

Loads of Irish there!
carl lewis
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17 Nov 2012 22:27
Jason789 wrote:
Best wrote: Cool
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17 Nov 2012 23:24
great pics andy.

just back from seattle - loads of beggars and gitman shirts the same price as uk.

this restaurant is the nuts:

you will not get a bad meal in seattle
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18 Nov 2012 13:15
anyone know if at Luton airport they have those internet/computer areas where you can dl and print your boarding pass?cannot be arsed to que up at easy jet and do not have home printer and I assume easyjet wont scan it off my phone?
carl lewis
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18 Nov 2012 13:20
Yup Luton does
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25 Nov 2012 19:14
Marrakech anyone ? going next week for 3 nights. Any recommendations for restaurants or shit to do ? Street food seems like as good as anything, but like a little refinement in the evenings.
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25 Nov 2012 19:57
always thought alicante was a hole - looks nice, great pics.

Mr X
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25 Nov 2012 22:32
Bar streets are full of knife wielding morrocans, not the entertaining sort.
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26 Nov 2012 06:19
love the tiny beer bars in alicante, but yeah full of pissed up moroccans as mr x said
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26 Nov 2012 09:53
They must only work in the summer, because we didn't see anyone like that at all.

Dee, parts of the Old Town are really beautiful, and there are plenty of bars and restaurants. But further out from the main tourist areas it felt a wee bit dodgy.
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30 Nov 2012 20:04
Looking to go to Japan next year (around April), for just shy of 3 weeks. Will be staying in Tokyo, Kyoto and Hiroshima. I was just wondering if anyone had been? Trying to figure out a budget, looking to keep things relatively cheap, got travel (JR Pass) and accommodation sorted, so just food, sightseeing, etc that I need to worry about.

If anyones got any advice at all, will be much appreciated.