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13 Oct 2016 00:22
i've got 9 full days in Japan, I want to do all the usual touristy things Hiroshima, Kobe (for the beef), Nara for the temple and the deer, Kyoto for old Japan, Osaka (but have heard not to bother too much with Osaka?), Himeji and then Tokyo. Am I being to optimistic with timing and destinations within that window? If anyone can suggest a better alternative then I'm open to it.
carl lewis
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13 Oct 2016 06:31
If it's your first time I would just do Tokyo.
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13 Oct 2016 14:46
Was in a luxury hotel with a rooftop bar so enjoyed Osaka. But to be honest it wasn't half as good as being out and about in Tokyo.
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14 Oct 2016 07:36
Disco, I think 9 days aren't enough for all you want to do.

I went last spring and did pretty much that, but stayed 18 days. I went to Miyajima and Naoshima, two islands, so it took us some time, but Kyoto alone is worth two full days at least (philosopher's walk one day, bamboo forest + golden temple + Fushimi Inari Taisha the other one, but you're really rushing), plus a day\half day trip to Nara.
Hiroshima it's ok in one day, basically there's just the Atomic Bomb Museum and Peace Memorial, but then, once you go down there you can't miss Miyajima…so it's two days…
Osaka isn't that much, I went on a day trip from Kyoto, but it's still worth a look for Dotonbori and Amerikanika.
Tokyo, we stayed one week and wanted to do Nikko and Kamakura on day trip. We didn't in the end and spent 7 full days in Tokyo. As Carl said, if it's your first time it will take you so much time. No museum or similar, just walking around, but every corner it's so fascinating!

Personally in 9 days I'd do Tokyo + day\half day trips to Nikko and Kamakura, and maybe a trip to the lake region around Mt. Fuji, where, if you're weather lucky, have the best view of it.
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14 Oct 2016 19:15
Amalfi was so good, place was buzzing and was hot in early October.
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24 Oct 2016 11:49
anyone done spring break in Cancun? Booked cheap flights a couple of months a ago, and am now looking at accommodation. I know you're meant to do the whole all inclusive malarkey, but trying to do it on a budget. Anyone recommend the sort of area we should be looking at to stay? Probably gonna airbnb it, unless we can get a bargain. Thanks.
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24 Oct 2016 12:20
If you want to stay in Cancun stay in the hotel zone, not downtown.
Not a fan of Cancun though as it's full of annoying yanks - depending on what you want you can also consider going to Playa del Carmen or Tulum, as both of them use Cancun as airport (~1 hour commute).
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25 Oct 2016 17:29
I did Cancun in 2008 at Spring Break. Was a grind to be honest, I stay in a Riu (all-inc) hotel and that actually cheapened the holiday out in the most part. All the bars have entry with the hotel reps and they're organise your alcohol for a wristband entry price. Drinks aren't expensive it's the tips to get served that cost out.

I went to downtown Cancun, it was ok. I got lost a bit after that and it was pretty naughty. Managed to prevent myself getting mugged twice. I wouldn't hurry to go back.
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15 Nov 2016 01:50
Going to Budapest with the missus in December for 5 days, can anyone recommend a few things to see and do.
Also, recommendations for some nice restaurants would be good as well.
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15 Nov 2016 08:07
eazypz wrote: Going to Budapest with the missus in December for 5 days, can anyone recommend a few things to see and do.
Also, recommendations for some nice restaurants would be good as well.

The Citadella, Castle, Margaret Island, Momento Park are the main sights i think.

The food i had was really hit or miss. By far the best meal was at Zeller Bistro, a really nice, family run place. Would need to reserve a table. Had lunch at a place called Babka too which was really good. Mazel Tov is also a nice place for food & drinks.

Coffee; My little melbourne, espresso embassy, kontakt, feket, my green cup.

Instant & Szimpla are the two main ruin bars i think. District 7 is the best to wander around and find that sorta stuff. There are also loads of nice wine bars. Drop shop was good and there was a really nice one called doblo if u fancy something a bit 'nicer'.

Let me know if you want some more and i can pm you. I have a friend from there who sent me lots of stuff before i went.
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15 Nov 2016 10:49
booked to go to Sri Lanka in March, any recommendations/ advice ?
got 2 weeks to spend and looking to do the following – beaches/ surfing, safari, tea plantations, maybe a yoga retreat..!
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15 Nov 2016 10:52
PM stoney for a great driver.
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15 Nov 2016 11:18
Laughing out loud
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15 Nov 2016 11:42
Laughing out loud
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16 Nov 2016 09:51
Joey - if you time to move around then there's a few places

Bentota - watersports, beaches, Madu river (5 cent island etc), temples
Pinnawalla elephant orphange
Polonuwra Ruins - ancient city
Sigyria Rock
Kandy - cultural capital and main temple
Nuwara Eliya - little England, tea plantations, waterfalls
Ella - Adams peak, little adams peak, nine arch bridge
Yala National Park stay in Tissa

Other good places Marissa, Trinco, Galle etc but not been there myself.
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16 Nov 2016 10:31
what happened to stoney ????
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16 Nov 2016 11:30
I hope nothing as I think I recommended the driver Eek Laughing out loud

Here's some advice I gave to Stoney from my DMs.

Kandy is the ok. Spend more time in the remote places if you can. Don't go to the cultural centre near the temple. It's not exactly a lot but its just a lot of really shit singing and dancing for 90 minutes. Maybe research things to do there as I didnt spend long there at all as I didnt think it was very good. Amaya Hills is a nice place to stay. Go to a local bar, daunting at first but you'll be everyones pal if you hand out a few cigarettes to those that ask. Cigs are expensive to locals about 4quid a pack, considering the average wage is 80quid a month. Drink Lion beer, just a normal lager but seriously the best I've tasted. Try a shot of Arak, it's their local drink - basically banana tequila. Cover your legs and shoulders when you go to the temples beforehand or you'll end up in a skirt and shawl.

When you're driving through the villages grab a king coconut from a street vendor. Lovely and almost free, some do corn on the cob too. When you're at Polonuwara, hire a bike to get round. Don't spend too long in each place as there's a lot to see. Buying souvenirs here is actually more accessible and cheaper than other places.

If you're staying West then try to get to Madu river and take a cruise. Go to the temple there and get blessed by the monk and get him to drive you passed five cent island.
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16 Nov 2016 11:40
Didnt he fall asleep at the wheel or something?!
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posted 22 Dec 2016 10:46, edited 22 Dec 2016 10:46
Going to Split in July for my stag do, does anyone have any advice where to stay? Is Hvar better than Split? Found much better living options near Split itself, but Hvar seems like the place to be? Cheers
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22 Dec 2016 19:09
trailofdavid wrote: Didnt he fall asleep at the wheel or something?!

Yeah, my driver fell asleep. The roads are crazy, you have bikes overtaking elephants, tuk tuks overtaking bikes, cars overtaking tuktuks, and then lorries and busses going round them all.

Thanks to trent, his tips gave me and my mrs a great idea for a tour around.