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27 Jun 2018 22:31
Gazelle wrote: going dublin next week with some friends. anyone got recommendations things to do and decent pubs/bars? struggling to find much other than the obvious guinness factory/temble bar stuff

To be fair Guinness factory was great. The bar staff at the top kept giving us free pints, had a great time
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posted 27 Jun 2018 22:59, edited 27 Jun 2018 22:59
Ulster_Blue wrote: Anyone any experience in New England? Fly into Providence for 6 nights in October, thinking 3 nights in Boston, 2 in New Hampshire White Mountains and final night in Portland, Maine.

Anyone able to comment?
Yeah, although it was a fair time ago. Hired a car in Boston and toured New England (and Cape Cod) for a few weeks.

Boston was magic, much sleepier than NY but great nonetheless. They do a river/road 'duck' tour that's proper touristy but enjoyable nonetheless and gives you a sense of familiarity with the area. Plenty of shopping and bars in the City, Harvard area is superb and Niketown there was massive. They're mad about sports, I took in a Celtics game as they were playing the Lakers but baseball or hoops are the City's bread and butter sports and well worth checking out.

Stayed in North Conway which is kinda South East of the White Mountains but it was a superb drive outta Boston to there - just so scenic. If you can, try the Kancamagus Highway which was absolutely immense for views and scenery.

White Mountains are amazing but they close roads Season by Season (or in adverse weather conditins) so check out dates to ensure that you can get to where you wanna go when you're there.

I ventured into Maine too but don't wanna clog up the thread. Regardless, it's a fantastic part of the country, I've done quite a few 'hire a car and just drive' breaks in the USA and it's definitely up there as one of my favourite areas I've been.

Edit - re-read your post. If you're going in October you get the back end of the Fall which is really scenic but also the beginning of Winter; I went same time and woke up one morning up North to a few feet of snow. Ain't too bad as they're completely set up for the weather and main roads get cleared early doors but they'll deffo close roads at altitude.
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28 Jun 2018 09:48
Thanks Burt, that's really helpful!
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28 Jun 2018 12:38
Been to boston a few times in recent years. Awesome city, very different to NY - it is noticeably cleaner. For food I would recommend Lolita Cocina (Mexican), trattoria il panino (Italian), hojoko (Japanese) and Sarma (Mediterranean/Mezze).

I would also recommend going whale watching if you are there during the right season. It is pretty cool to see
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2 Jul 2018 11:01
Would anyone be able to recommend accommodation in Rome? Hoping to book up for Autumn
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posted 2 Jul 2018 13:23, edited 2 Jul 2018 13:23
stayed here was round the corner from the fountain but what was so good about it was that once you went down the little street it was on you couldn't hear a thing. Lovely gaff too.
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2 Jul 2018 13:32
few years old now but this is a lisbon list from when i went, all the gaffs came recommended by a lisboa.


- LX Factory it’s an area, about 10min cab from the centre of Lisbon. It’s tiny but has loads of cool restaurants inside:
o A Praca (Portuguese type food I think, )
o Moules and Wine (mussels – amazing!)
o Chef Nino (super cute and cheap brunch)
- Mercado da Ribeira it’s a market right next to cais do sodre/bairro alto, where you have loads of really good mini restaurants to choose from.
o Prego na Peixaria (steak in a bun)
o Honorato (burgers)
o Café de São Bento (AMAZING steak)
o Etc – check here or search for Mercado da Ribeira, they’re all great -
- Mercado de Campo de Ourique – similar to the one above but with different restaurants, also good so you can choose one of both markets depending on where you’re staying

If you want to go to more specific restaurants and google the names here is my favourite list that includes the above:
- Prego na Peixaria
- Cervejaria Trindade (steak and seafood)
- A Praca
- Moules and Wine (there’s also a Moules and Gin and a Moules and Beer)
- Las Fitcheras (Mexican)
- El Tomato (tapas)
- Hamburgueria do Bairro (burgers)
- La Siesta (Mexican by the river)
- Portugalia
Expensive good ones:
- Belcanto (Chef Jose Avillez)
- Cantinho do Avillez
- Olivier


- We mainly stick around cais do sodre for drinks, there’s loads of little bars – one of them is quite cool named O Bom, Mau e o Vilao.
- Meninos do Rio (by the river)
- Urban Beach (bar/club)
- Lost In
- Lux (proper club)
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4 Jul 2018 08:59
Going to Florida with the family in a few weeks, was planning to take half cash and half of my money on some form of credit/prepaid travel card.

What’s the best way of doing it for the best rate and not getting hit with charges?
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4 Jul 2018 09:41
Monzo is good but not pre-paid any more, you'd have to open an account.

They give Mastercard rate which is decent, no charges on transactions including up to first £200 cash withdrawal.

Great app lots of good features.
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4 Jul 2018 09:46
i've got a golden invite if you want a monzo
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4 Jul 2018 11:03
Revolut, good for paying not for withdrawals.

You can have multiple accounts in different currencies, or you’re debited in the currency you pay with live interbank rates, which are slightly better than MasterCard/visa ones.

Only thing to remember is that, as those rates aren’t negotiated during weekends they add a fee for transactions happening on Sat and Sun, which can be avoided exchanging £ to $ and holding them onto the USD account
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4 Jul 2018 16:05
have also got numerous monzo invites. used to use my revolut a lot but use monzo mainly. amex if travelling with work (cashback boys)
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4 Jul 2018 16:15
isn't it all rubbish with cards on holiday
I mean saving 1 or 2% per transactioneven if you spend 5 grand is a saving of £100 at best and then you get home and spunk £300 on a pair of plain white trainers that should be £400 but you are saving on because they are 25% off
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4 Jul 2018 16:25
Penny wise, pound foolish
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16 Jul 2018 11:56
Going to South Africa, specifically Cape Town in late August/September. Really want to get a Safari in, but don't want to have to fly to Jo'burg, as a bit time constrained.

Looked at Sanbona but paying a grand for 1 night is a bit fierce, and Aquila looks shite (animals in cages etc.). Anyone have any other recommendations or ant advice on potential game reserves along the Garden route/Western Cape
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23 Jul 2018 08:00
Off to Croatia next week. Couple things planned already but would appreciate recommendations for Split/Hvar/Dubrovnik.
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24 Jul 2018 21:06
looking for a quick, hot, all-inclusive holiday in august for about £700 mark - any ideas?
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24 Jul 2018 21:29
fuck august and head off tomorrow. dart board at a map of europe and job's a goodun

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24 Jul 2018 22:49
Iceland looking good there
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24 Jul 2018 23:27
Going to naples, any recommendations? Will be there for a week so any stuff close by is also of interest