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1 Feb 2019 18:59
That’s from a mate who grew up in Mexico City.
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14 Feb 2019 12:23
Quick one for any of the irn bru crew

I have 8 hours to kill in the centre of Edinburgh tomorrow

any tips for sights and menswear shops close to the royal mile/ castle on foot

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posted 14 Feb 2019 14:11, edited 14 Feb 2019 14:11
Frontiers Man in the West End (off Princes Street) is probably the only thing close-ish to the Royal Mile. Dicks is good but down in Stockbridge (easily walkable given the time you have). Jenners might be worth a look but it's not really the same since House of Fraser took it over. Harvey Nichols is off St Andrew Square at the east end of George Street / Princes Street.

The National Museum on Chambers Street is a great place to kill time, loads to see. Head up onto the top floor in the lift and there's a roof terrace with good views of the city.

You can climb the Scott Monument on Princes Street, worth doing in my opinion. Good views over the National Galleries below and the Castle.

St Giles Cathedral on the Royal Mile.

Walk down Victoria Street to The Grassmarket. Victoria Street is really picturesque, the Grassmarket is full of pubs. Good view of the Castle too.

Climb Arthur's Seat if you fancy it. There's a semi-decent path all the way up, or you can just go as far as Salisbury Crags (the cliff / ledge you can see along the bottom). Paths leave from the bottom of the Royal Mile (walk down past the parliament and the palace). Basically follow the road around to the right at the palace gates and continue over the mini-roundabout.
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15 Feb 2019 07:28
Top many Andy thanks mate off to follow your guide now so that’s my day sorted cheers
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15 Feb 2019 07:58
Lol at Irn Bru crew.

I work a minutes walk from Frontiers. Very little to add to what Andy has said. There’s a wee place on Lothian Road (maybe 5 mins walk max from Frontiers, back in the direction you’ll want to be heading) called The Hanging Bat that does all sorts of bizarre craft ales. It’s a bit hipster but pretty cool. If you’re going to have a drink it’s worth sticking your head in.
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3 Mar 2019 12:54
Looking for recommendations on places to stay in the following cities:

Tokyo - Kyoto - Osaka

Any type of accommodation considered, will be traveling alone if that makes a difference.

Also does anyone have an opinion on booking in advance versus just booking on the day?

And if anyone has any suggestions for rural points of interest anywhere between those three cities, I am all ears. Cheers.
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4 Mar 2019 20:15
Not sure I'd class this as holiday, stag dos: I've organised smaller stag dos in the past, but this one is a group of 18-20+ cunts in the middle of August.

Where the hell in Europe can a group of 20 morons get in to places without using one of those stag do organiser people? Is it even possible to do this in the UK anymore?
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4 Mar 2019 21:30
Anyone been to Sofia in Bulgaria? Is it Worth going for a city break. Found a decent looking hotel and it works out really cheap for a few days in July.
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posted 10 Mar 2019 13:16, edited 10 Mar 2019 13:16
Off to Peru for two weeks in April/May.

Can anyone recommend any day tour companies for Paracas and/or Hacachina area? Looking at Tripadvisor/Google reviews, a lot of companies just seem to be brimming with fake 5* reviews.

Doing Machu Picchu obviously.

Also trying to decide between Central and Maido for dining out in Lima, has anyone been to either? Unfortunately, we only have time to do one.

Any tips in general?
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13 Mar 2019 09:40
Off to US for a driving holiday in late May/June.

Never been to US so any recommendations for shops, restaurants, sites etc. in the following areas would be great. This is roughly the order we will be driving in.

San Francisco
Pismo Beach
LA - We are staying Near beverley Hills/Santa Monica/Burbank area
Las Vegas
Grand Canyon
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13 Mar 2019 10:35
I'll be back from our trip mid May and we're doing almost identical places, i'll give you some heads up then but go back in this thread there's some great posts.
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13 Mar 2019 11:12
Just seen MoB, cheers!
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13 Mar 2019 12:45
Any tips for Marrakesh?

There for a music festival so won't be much tourist time but would like to do YSL and maybe a hammam. Any restaurant tips?
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13 Mar 2019 13:31
Beat Hotel? I'm going there, I got this verbatim from one of the resident DJs whos been a few times.


All that we have stayed in

P'tit Habibi - – Really peaceful and amazing staff. Had a great dinner here on the last night by in house cook. You can have films projected onto the wall in the courtyard and they bring out popcorn and beers. Small plunge pool on the rooftop. Up at the top end of the medina.

Zaouia 44 - – Only stayed here one night but it was beautiful. Again up at the top end of the medina.

Dix Neuf la Ksour - – This riad is amazing, really one of the favourites. Amazing location nearer the bottom end of the medina, handy for souks, Les Bains De Marrakech, Jemaa el Fna.

Fellah Hotel - – Place we stayed on our trip last November. Really chilled out great pool. Only issue is taxi transfers mount up if you are wanting to be out and about lots of days. It is about 15/20 mins from the Medina.

Spa/Hammam – Went to this one on the first trip over. Was really good location, treatment and nice pool outside too

La Mamounia - - Spa/Lunch - good if you can get day pass deal, totally worth it, best place we have been. They might have one on at the moment. Book in advance.


It isn’t a big foodie place unless you are mega into tagines!! Jemaa el Fna food stalls at night are good for grilled meats and seafood. We ate quite a good few meals at places we stayed so don’t have a lot of restaurant recommendations.

NOMAD - - great spot for dinner or lunch in the medina. Recommend pre booking a table ahead of the trip.

Pepe Nero – Over in the new town, nice setting with pool in the centre. Italian food mainly if you fancy a break from Moroccan food


Worth the trip on the bus to the coast. Amazing old fishing village. Riads really cheap here to for a overnight stay. We did a half days surfing lesson here too which was fun and horse riding along the beach.

Went for dinner here

And a place down at the port call Chez Sam

Things to see and do

Obvious one by Jardin Majorelle is beautiful, over in the new town

We went on a day trip up to the Palmerie and foot of the Atlas Mountains for a day on dune buggies which was really good fun.

There is a water park too that we went to called Oasis. Again pretty fun.

Then all the standard, Koutoubia Mosque, Menara Gardens, El Badi Palace etc.


Don’t get lead by locals anywhere. Avoid the tannery, it isn’t that interesting, it stinks and you get totally stung by locals for tips and trying to sell you stuff. You feel really rude to ignore people but it is just easier not to engage and keep walking. Try to agree a price with the taxi drivers before you set off anywhere. Take hotel cards with you as they will have the address and usually a little map on, easy for showing them where you want to get back to as the medina is a proper maze!

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13 Mar 2019 14:15
Lovely stuff, Trent.

The tanneryLaughing out loud My mate was saying he got royally mugged off there.

Where are you staying? There's about a dozen of us so we've taken over an air bnb riad in the Medina.
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13 Mar 2019 14:29
for a chilled out drink this place is nice on the roof, was pretty cheap too from memory
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14 Mar 2019 10:54
I really dont know exactly where I'm staying as I've just joined one of the lads who is playing there. It's a n airbnb also so assuming similar to you guys.
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4 Apr 2019 07:52
Hotel reccomendation for Miami beach? Just for 1 night.
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6 Apr 2019 02:15
saxonheights wrote: Hotel reccomendation for Miami beach? Just for 1 night.

Not sure on budget, but have you looked at the Standard?
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16 Apr 2019 18:52
Any tips / recommendations for Bali?

Got two weeks so going to travel around a bit, hoping to get to one or two of the islands too… also hoping to avoid the very very congested / touristy areas …