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1 Aug 2019 18:42
will be fine burt
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1 Aug 2019 19:45
Thanks, gents. Cleaned and dried out as best I can. Haven't gone as far as the hairdryer treatment though Laughing out loud
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1 Aug 2019 20:29
andy kotor is beautiful definitely go, but avoid budva. benidorm for russians.
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5 Aug 2019 18:43
Any recommendations for Tallinn? Any shopping recommendations as well would be good
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6 Aug 2019 05:57
Rirawin wrote: Going to Cologne for business for a few days in September. What's good? Travelling with a vegan so any vegan restaurant recommendations would be good.


How we live
Bookstore Walter König


Bar Celentano (honest italian food)
Herr Pimmock
Bunte Burger (vegan Burger on the next level)


The Coffee Gang
Schamong Kaffee
moxxa caffé
Van Dyck
zeit für brot (try the cinnamon rolls)


Zum Goldenen Schuss (more like a pub style)

art/ sights:

Museum Ludwig
The Museum of Applied Art
Cologne Cathedral
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6 Aug 2019 06:16
Any tips for Day trips in Provence ?

Here for a week and trying to tick off some of the better sights and days out without too many tourists knocking about

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6 Aug 2019 09:16
anyone been Valencia? We;re off at the end of August, aside from the obvious any recommendations?
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6 Aug 2019 21:09
Thanks Wembers Ubercool
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6 Aug 2019 22:22
In Orlando doing the Disney thing with family..the obsession with Disney is unreal…quite bizarre what people spend here…..
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26 Aug 2019 20:37
Recommendations for accommodation in Venice?
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5 Sep 2019 20:18
Going to Naples in two any advice appreciated. Got tons of pizza places to check out. Need to narrow it down to be honest Laughing out loud
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5 Sep 2019 20:32
anyone been to Antigua recently? going in a couple of weeks need some recommendations
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6 Sep 2019 04:28
Looking for LA recommendations. Flying there later today from Toronto and looking for non topper places for food, drinks, cafes, beaches and maybe a little bit of shopping.
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posted 6 Sep 2019 05:49, edited 6 Sep 2019 05:49
LA is quite spread out and getting around can take a while. Where abouts are you staying?

Shopping you should try Le Brea for stores like Union, Self Edge, American Rag and some cool flagship stores like Stone Island, Garrett Leight etc. You could also try Melrose, there are some decent second hand stores (2nd Street is good) and trainer resellers. Down from there is Fairfax where Supreme and Golf is etc. Then keep walking to the Grove if you want some department stores like Nordstrom and visit the Farmers Market.

I’ve not made it downtown to visit Visvim, traffic is too bad and I knew I was never going to buy anything with today’s prices and exchange rates.

Drinks and food is good all over but it depends what you’re looking for and where you are I’d say.
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posted 6 Sep 2019 05:55, edited 6 Sep 2019 05:55
Staying pretty close to Santa Monica, taking things pretty chill. I guess we are looking for some decent cocktails in the evenings and in terms of eats, some good Mexican food is high on the list.
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6 Sep 2019 07:47 decent bar, pretty cheap good atmosphere. not far from there is an ok rooftop bar. LA is so fucking massive though, it's hard to pinpoint anything as we were there for 6 days and went to bars miles from each other each night.
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6 Sep 2019 07:50
MrW wrote: Recommendations for accommodation in Venice?

Stayed here, pretty good, mid range
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6 Sep 2019 12:39
Looking to go away end of October for some sun. Mrs wants to go to a Dubai. It’s never appealed to me, just seems like a soulless modern thing in the desert.

I’d rather go canaries. Anyone got any input in Dubai or other places not too far away god for toddler and a baby.
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6 Sep 2019 13:12
If youre staying in santa monica get the train in form Culver City.
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6 Sep 2019 13:57
Dubai is shite. There is loads to do and see if you want but it is just a soulless place filled with ex pats. If anything Abu Dhabi is nicer if you have to go for a relaxing week.