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7 May 2007 19:45
mr.white wrote: just found this.. pretty cool i reckon

Mile high action definitely on the cards on those flights.
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7 May 2007 19:46
MrPlatinum wrote:
mr.white wrote: just found this.. pretty cool i reckon

Mile high action definitely on the cards on those flights.
easy pickings for the cops aswell!
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7 May 2007 19:47
hed kandi Sick!
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8 May 2007 12:19
anyone ever been to Rio de Janiero

trying to stay away from the sleaze locations, but still want a good "lads" holiday
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8 May 2007 12:29
Ive been its a great city and the women are amazing (not as good as Argentina though). Thing is their summer is coming to an end soon. Great food cheap beer, long flight though. If your going that far dont just visit Rio take some time out and visit Bahia as thats the Party area, Ive not been though so couldnt comment on what its like. Ive heard its great though fun though.
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8 May 2007 12:35
Barcelona in three weeks and then Stockholm in September.

Anyone been to Stockholm? Have only heard about how hot the women are but am taking the missus so will have to wear sunglasses at all times! Cool
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8 May 2007 13:17
where do people get their cheap flights to thailand from?
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8 May 2007 16:17
Post Punk wrote: Anyone been to Stockholm? Have only heard about how hot the women are but am taking the missus so will have to wear sunglasses at all times! Cool

I went to Stockholm for 36 hours. the women are indeed amazing, and what I saw of Stockholm (the inside of an office aside) looked really good. the archipelago is stunning, really need to go back
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4 Sep 2007 01:31
few pics from my recent trip to Russia for anyone who's interested (no eent)

on the first day we went to a dolphinarium where they had dolphins, a Belgua whale and a sealion, all of which did various tricks. it was quite a small place but the animals seemed well-treated and appeared to be enjoying everything

took the metro into the centre of Moscow in the evening for a wander about - the metro is without doubt the fastest I've ever been on, it hurtles along at an unbelievable speed then the brakes are slammed on coming into the stations. it really makes it difficult to judge the size of Moscow - apparently 3 or 4 minutes between stops below ground can be an hour of walking above. loads of the metro stations are quite ornate, with very different styles of design / architecture. they are all really deep underground so that they can still operate after a nuclear strike

church near Red Square

Red Square was really impressive, and a lot more European in general feel / atmosphere than I thought it would be somehow. on one side there is the department store Gum (pronounced "goom"), on the other is one of the Kremlin walls, and at the far end is St Basil's cathedral


St Basil's cathedral and one of the Kremlin towers

walked around the whole of the Kremlin, which is separated from the Moskva river by a main road

the next day we went inside St Basil's cathedral which was an interesting place - not at all what I expected on the inside when you look at the outside. it's a jumble of small rooms inter-connected by a maze of tunnels and passageways. some of the rooms are very opulent, others are just plain red brick

spent most of the day wandering around the centre of Moscow, and chilling out in the park beside the Kremlin walls where there were Lenin and Stalin impersonators, and the always-guarded "Eternal Flame" (no susanna hoffs)

went to a cool wee church the next day, where the Russian's brother got married. it's in an old walled monastery in a defensive position on the top of a hill overlooking Moscow

the following day we went horse-riding as part of my birthday present, out on the edge of Moscow, near where the Russian's brother lives. it's technically the suburbs but is more like what we would call a country village, just that it's attached to the city. had afternoon tea at his house - berries and plums picked straight from the bushes, fresh watermelon that was like eating sorbet, and tea drunk with a spoonful of really thick raspberry jam in it

church near her brother's house

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4 Sep 2007 01:31
had a very touristy day the next day and went into the Kremlin

Putin's residence and offices

church in the Kremlin

later on that day we went back out to her brother's house, and his wife drove us out to an airfield where loads of microlight pilots congregate. this was the second part of my birthday present - a shot on a microlight

traditional old house in her brother's street

she couldn't remember exactly how to get to the airfield, so when we saw the microlights in the sky we parked on the edge of the motorway and walked through a corn field to get to it

nearby is a huge wooden pyramid that a farmer built to give his grain positive energy. when it's not full of grain they store bottled water in it and sell that as water with positive energy. it's a really impressive structure and I can't imagine a farmer doing anything similar here

when we got back to her brother's house it was pretty late so his wife offered to drive us back into Moscow rather than get the train. the mother-in-law tagged along, and the pair of them insisted on taking me on a midnight tour of the city's sights

the next day we went and booked tickets for the sleeper train to St Petersburg - somewhere I've wanted to visit since reading Crime and Punishment. I also found out from my dad before I went that one of my ancestors was imprisoned in St Petersburg during the Russian revolution, and had to be rescued by a Japanese gunboat Laughing out loud

the train was a few hours late as there had been a terrorist attack on the line the day before, so we arrived about 10 in the morning instead of 8. it was unbelievably hot - it had been over 30 degrees every day so far, and was 35 today, but it's such a dry heat that it felt hotter than anything I had experienced before. it's an interesting place architecturally - it reminded me of a combination of Venice and Paris. there are a lot of canals and a big river, and a general feeling of the Grand Boulevards of Paris

we took a boat trip around the canals which was a great way of seeing a lot of the city in a short space of time, and it was also a lot cooler than walking

unfortunately the battery ran out in my SLR at this point so I was using mine and the Russian's camera phones from here on in

we went into Peter the Great's palace - The Hermitage - which is on such a grand scale it's really difficult to get your head around. it's easy to see why the revolution happened when you see this place, the chasm between rich and poor was just so great that something had to give

looking down from one of the wings into the central courtyard

the level of opulence in some of the rooms is just staggering

we went for a (very slow, given the heat) wander around the city to see a few more sights, then headed back to the station

MacDonalds in Russian

Subway in Russian

this amused me - on some of the pedestrian crossings there is a countdown that tells you how many seconds you have to cross the road! apparently there are some in this country too but this was the first time I'd seen one, so apologies if it's commonplace "down south"

and that was that. although just after we boarded the sleeper train to go back to Moscow, we were told that due to the terrorist attack there would be a 10 hour delay (on an 8 hour journey), and rather than arriving at 4:30am we would now be arriving half an hour before my train to the airport was leaving! so we phoned the Russian's mum and she packed my suitcase and was going to meet us at the station. at 4am the conductor knocked on our compartment door to tell us we'd be arriving in half an hour after all - apparently this is the typical Russian way of doing things! Laughing out loud everyone is given the minimum amount of information at all times

there are more photos on Facebook for anyone who's interested in seeing more. I'm not sure if non-Facebook users can access them or not though, sorry

part 1
part 2
part 3
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4 Sep 2007 01:36
those pics are so cool, gonna have a proper look when im fully awake tomorrow. nice one.
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4 Sep 2007 02:31
at MoB's request (no clique), some bear photos I took - not sure they're of the big grizzly he was expecting Laughing out loud (no homo)

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4 Sep 2007 02:45
fucking bear, thats not a bear thats a fat dog Laughing out loud
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4 Sep 2007 08:00
Some amazing pics andy Cool
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4 Sep 2007 08:36
did you go to any clubs when over? always heard great things about those being really decadent
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4 Sep 2007 08:46
great photos Andy! some amazing looking places (they have a similar crossing countdown on Argyll Street by the way)
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4 Sep 2007 09:51
Nice photos!

Those dolphins look like they're in a swimming pool Laughing out loud
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4 Sep 2007 09:59
That Bear is well cool!

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4 Sep 2007 10:00
Good photos Andy Cool
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4 Sep 2007 10:03
andymakesglasses wrote:

"Get your other Grizzly out for the lads!"