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6 Sep 2019 09:46
certainly F1.

the nan element is that you are impressed by cars, your nan was impressed as cars were a step up from horse and cart.

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8 Sep 2019 10:20

currently have a strong urge to return to continue building my 54mm world

I'm thinking these guys as 54mm civvies, back from the invasion of Cuba '88 (operation Righteous Eagle). Groupie '80s hair metal chicks sucking their dicks in a McDonald's carpark…Anyone know where I can get 1/35 scale McDonalds..or groupies?
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8 Sep 2019 10:24
Top-Fan badges on facebook.
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8 Sep 2019 10:30
^excellent shout
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8 Sep 2019 10:40
Yes spot on with that
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9 Sep 2019 08:07
TCB wrote: Top-Fan badges on facebook.

For some reason I was given a top fan badge for … I haven't stopped there since I was 15?