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31 Mar 2012 15:55
Proper nan kid in this uni class room right now. Came in to finish some work quickly and our class rooms have lights that switch off if there is no movement.

I go in the room (he's the only one in there) and he's just sat there in the dark Laughing out loud
Pretty sure he has some sort of blanket/jumper over his legs too to keep him warm Puzzled It aint even cold.
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31 Mar 2012 18:46
Bet you shit yourself
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31 Mar 2012 18:51
get a pic of your nan kid like i did
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31 Mar 2012 19:11
hulkhogan wrote: nankid
only likes "plain english cooking"… tomato ketchup on everything. LOL what a fucking state
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31 Mar 2012 23:21
I've missed this place…this thread has had me in stitches
Noble Locks
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1 Apr 2012 08:02
well fucking come back properly then mate. Evil
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1 Apr 2012 21:24
lays out there outfit at night ready for the next day
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1 Apr 2012 22:23
fuck you lot man, I used to do this, I'd even go as far as putting the jumper or cardigan over the shirt I was going to wear and then in the morning lay them in the order I put them on, it's called efficiency…
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1 Apr 2012 22:24
But you’re a bird aren’t you?
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1 Apr 2012 22:47
thelann wrote: lays out there outfit at night ready for the next day

Nah, I do that. Because I get up leaving it so late that if i didnt do that id be late for work or whatever. Pretty sure nan kids would be up well early in preparation for wherever they were going.
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2 Apr 2012 06:25
Getting excited and posting non-nankid traits in here is definitely very nankid.
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2 Apr 2012 06:52
Laughing out loud

coco_m easy… your name is first up in the list
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2 Apr 2012 22:38
can we add people who play ultimate fucking frisbee to the list?
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3 Apr 2012 15:35
What with holiday season coming up and so many nankids on here, to save ringing your mum (she'll be coming anyway but whatever…)

Nankid Guide To Holidays

suncream. use the special stuff for kids, SPF 50 minimum. you can't be too careful out there.

luggage. no-one can pack a case like your mum, eh? so get her to send you a list or, even better, come round and pack your case for you. this goes for business trips too.

socks. you can never pack too many pairs.

liquids. those special little 100ml containers of shampoo and hair gel are so expensive, aren't they? a true nankid buys tiny plastic bottles from Superdrug and decants their favourite products out of Lidl's finest Big Value monster bottles into those little plastic containers. with a funnel. 

don't forget to bring your own special see-through bag. most importantly get it out as soon as you get to the airport just to be extra-sure that those gun-toting coppers don't think you're hiding something.

pants. see socks.

airports. have you seen the conditions in which those airport sarnies are made? and they're so expensive! best pack your own beforehand, eh? remember to check that your little box of juice still has its straw attached BEFORE you leave the house.

checkins. when the airline tells you to arrive at least two hours in advance, you better listen. best to make it three, or four just to be on the safe side.
don't forget to leave plenty of time to get to the airport. as in half a day, just in case there's an earthquake or something. if you check in online - bit scary, imagine what could go wrong - remember to print out at least one extra copy to stick into every one of your bags. can't be too careful!

food. best just take your own. packet soups all the way. you know what that foreign muck does to your stomach.

beaches. best avoided completely if possible, otherwise pack a nice thick cotton long-sleeved shirt. no way you're getting sunburn in a boss button down and SPF 50, oh no! remember to take some of those special surfer shoes just in case you step on something sharp… not that you'd ever try surfing, way too extreme! in fact, best just order them shoes off the internet as proper surf shops can get intimidatingly full of… surfers.

hotels. take your own sheets. go to the same one your parents go to. every year.

coats. take a warm one. the weather might turn, you can never tell.

countries. see hotels.
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3 Apr 2012 15:38
Nankids go on holiday to Wales, no need for the majority of the above points.
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3 Apr 2012 15:54
Thread has lost all meaning. Should just rename it bubble kids.
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3 Apr 2012 16:00
Think the whole notion of Bubble Boys got replaced by nan kids on here. As previous Bubble Boy candidates are now Nan Kid'ed off instead.
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3 Apr 2012 16:10
barrence wrote: can we add people who play ultimate fucking frisbee to the list?

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3 Apr 2012 16:14
barrence wrote: can we add people who play ultimate fucking frisbee to the list?

…and Korfball too. Just found out about this sport, gives nankids a chance to interact with the opposite sex.
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3 Apr 2012 19:18
Ultimate frisbee doesn't deserve to be on the list, a true nan kid would never be athletic enough to be able to play it