Random Fashion Questions: Oi Polloi sale returns

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28 Dec 2011 12:57
Just received a chambray shirt in the sale from Oi Polloi. It doesn't fit right (or even close to the description), so thought I'd back it soon as. BUT, I got a note in the parcel saying sale goods can only be exchanged or returned for a credit note (confirmed on the website)… I love the shop, I've bought a fair bit there in person & never had a problem before. I get that legally they don't need to dole out a refund for something purchased at a discount in store… but are they allowed to do this with online goods under the distance selling regulations?

Experience appreciated!
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28 Dec 2011 12:59
They're not, don't worry you will get you're refund.
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28 Dec 2011 13:01
Fastest reply ever. Cheers man.
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28 Dec 2011 14:07
This is why it's best to buy sales stuff online… distance selling regs override any flakey policies the retailer might have around returns.
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27 Jul 2012 11:56
I just returned some sale goods, well within the 7 day cooling off period. Now they've just given me a credit note even though I know I'm eligible for a full refund. I told them so, now they're saying they don't even check shipping or delivery dates.

I've never had a problem with them in the past but seems like they're trying to do one. Anybody else had any issues recently?
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27 Jul 2012 12:34
Just ask them to provide the refund within 7 days or you will notify Trading Standards. It pisses me off how many companies try to pretend this law doesn't exist.
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1 Aug 2012 23:23
Yeh, T&C's can never override DSR. 'We don't refund shipping costs upon return of goods' is one that gets used a lot. Most of the time when you ask they will give; it's a deterrent mostly.