Menswear: Old Town Clothing

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14 Jan 2013 22:52
Never heard of this before but saw it in Men's File mag, since found out they do it at DSM apparently.
Proper English old school workwear, whole website has a nice feel to it.
Like this jacket:

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14 Jan 2013 23:02
Jacket looks nice there, not the biggest fan of the way the models are styling it though.

Don't think I'm their target demographic to be fair.
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14 Jan 2013 23:12
That's actually this one which fits a hell of a lot better, in my opinion.

Some really nice pieces.
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15 Jan 2013 13:37
Didn't know they were stocked at DSM (anyone confirm?)
I've been eyeing them up for a bit but always wanted to try something on.
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15 Jan 2013 22:08
they're based in Holt in Norfolk. started out in the 80s in london doing russian revolutionary stuff crossed with new romantic or summat. the clothing's usually made only to order. they sell a few ready to wear clothes through Labour & Wait (L&W have a concession in DSM so maybe that's the link).

epic quality. weigh a ton. hand made. they stock a wide range of (mostly english) fabrics and can make up most items in pretty much any of these fabrics. check the website. jackets are bloody good for the money, you won't regret it if that's the look you want. if you order in person in the shop then they'll make minor adjustments to sleeve length etc when you place an order. wait is 4-6 weeks from order to delivery, made locally in UK. they've got good moleskin, good tweed, good heavyweight cotton twill. used to offer a quality English-made indigo denim from somewhere in Lancashire too.

the Fitzrovia is a slim fitting jacket, probably the slimmest they offer, if you want a more modern/tailored fit.

styling on the site's pretty 'special' but there are a few interesting pieces that might work with other workwear. the quality's really top notch though, and considering how they're made/what they're made from, good value. jackets fit on the large end of TTS.
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15 Jan 2013 22:10
Very Ubercool
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15 Jan 2013 22:39
Website said this about London stockists:
London Outlets.

"If you feel the desperate need to purchase a pair of drill Vauxhalls and are too impatient to wait for them to be made you could pay a visit to Labour and Wait E2 or Dover Street Market W1 both of which are carrying a limited amount of Tin House items available from stock.

Borough jackets and Bungalow dresses can also be found on the racks in E2 while W1 have plumped for Raglan coats,George and Mildred jackets, Apron skirts and Limehouse dresses. For those of you not looking for instant gratification there is of course a greater choice of fabrics and styles to be ordered from our website , as ever waiting time is 4-6 weeks."

So sounds like more women's stuff.
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16 Jan 2013 19:19
BTW Thanks for the info Blackbeltjones, interesting to know.
I quite like the styling but I can imagine it doesn't appeal to some on here.
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16 Jan 2013 19:42
Cool glad you are back gg - always coming up with nuggets