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5 Aug 2020 16:08
Grind BMX are superb, great service.
Appreciate this is a bit niche for here but was very impressed.

Ordered two different tees from them and got sent two of the same design in different colours. Sent them a polite message on Saturday not expecting a reply until Monday, but got an apology within an hour (such a small thing but so many shops don’t even manage this).
Was asked for a pic of the labels as it was a supplier error, this got sent to them and I got a mail saying they probably wouldn’t respond until Monday but he’d chase this up then.
On Monday I got an email from the supplier confirming I would have the correct tee on Tuesday morning and the shop emailed to confirm this AND saying I could keep the extra tee I didn’t order.

You always learn more about a shop when something goes wrong but they managed to leave me with a better impression that I would have had if I’d just got the right order.
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5 Aug 2020 17:26
Anyone shopped from Eastdane before? Decent?
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5 Aug 2020 19:57
I have, nothing bad to say about the experience.
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5 Aug 2020 20:02
roophees wrote: Anyone shopped from Eastdane before? Decent?

I used them a couple of years ago for some reigning champ stuff. Good experience, very quick delivery and customs and taxes paid for at checkout so no surprises.
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5 Aug 2020 20:16
Eastdane are great. Free shipping with Amazon Prime too
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5 Aug 2020 21:11
Its owned by Amazon so you should be fine. as said, quick shipping and paid upfront on customs etc.
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5 Aug 2020 21:38
Cool, cheers lads.
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6 Aug 2020 07:18
Wrong Weather and Orimono - both impressive, arrived next day from Portugal and Germany. Nicely packaged and helpful with sizing queries beforehand.