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posted 15 Jun 2021 17:19, edited 15 Jun 2021 17:19
quality, reminds me of the time that everyone was rinsing that heartbingo website promo where you got a £50 for every referral. Think people on here got hundreds in cash, paid for my spending money on holiday that year Laughing out loud
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15 Jun 2021 19:08
zoom wrote:
jplxx wrote: [did you get to spend all the money before they banned them?

Yeah they had to honour them as at the time there was no restrictions of how many codes you could use in a calendar year. After they clocked on to me they then added that users can only use 10 (or maybe it’s 15) referral codes a year to the Ts and Cs.

This was last year when they done really good sales. I posted a link on a few Facebook pages and just got flooded with people using it. It was mainly for the Noah X DSM core logo hoodie when it worked out to like £30 with the codes.

I still had about 80 unused codes on the accounts they closed.

My sock drawer has still never looked so healthy, also got shit loads of Nike gym stuff. still have about 40 pairs of anonymous ism socks that are just in a box, and loads and loads of Aesop gear. Stocked up on loads of hay homeware and some Studio arhoj bits too.

I owe you one hanto Laughing out loud

I thought you just got a load from the Noah FB group and then they just blocked you for having too many. Glad to hear that you got to use them!

I have about 25 or so. Just wait for any free delivery deals as you can then get bits for peanuts. In my case Aesop and Anonymousism socks as well! Plus 9 Real McCoy's hangers because why the fuck not! Laughing out loud
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23 Jul 2021 09:20
Great service from NE.SENSE store in Taiwan.

Ordered a pair of OL jeans on Monday and arrived this morning with no custom charges. Would definitely buy from again.
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26 Jul 2021 13:20
Mont-bell Swiss store: 10/10

Free DHL delivery, all import fees & vat included in prices on the site. Quality on the gear is insane too.
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28 Jul 2021 10:31
Bit of a random question and probably not the right thread so apologies but has anyone ever sent a goretex item back under the waterproof guarantee? After contacting their customer service and sending pics and receipts etc I sent a jacket back (ALL the seams were leaking). They've now had it for over 6 weeks and have heard absolutely nothing (other than acknowledgement of delivery). Have chased again today but what should i be expecting in terms of timing/outcome?
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9 Aug 2021 07:22
Am I being blind, or does DSM E-Shop not have a proper clothing categories option?
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9 Aug 2021 13:28
LN-CC - 1/10

Ordered a pair of shoes and they've delivered an entirely different pair that they don't even sell on the site Puzzled also paid for express delivery and took 5 working days to arrive.

The pair I originally bought shows as sold out on the online store (because I 'bought' them, presumably) but the customer service person was unable/unwilling to check the physical stock in the warehouse or store to see if the size I want is actually still available. Useless.
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9 Aug 2021 14:25
LN-CC been terrible since they moved logistics to Italy