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5 Nov 2019 13:10
padawan wrote: CONSORTIUM any good? cheap pair of cons not delivered on time - first time used ?
I have a bad feeling bout this….

They’re fine, only used a couple of times and don’t recall any problems.
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5 Nov 2019 13:17
cheers both. Just received tracker.
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11 Nov 2019 21:42
Kafka top marks again - honouring a discount code that was released a day or two after an order was placed.
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posted 18 Nov 2019 10:01, edited 18 Nov 2019 10:01
End. I found something that I wanted was 20% cheaper than MrPorter. The item shipped within 24 hours.

I can't fault them and they're good with returns too - don't order in sale season.
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21 Nov 2019 12:53
anyone ever used https://www.24s.com/ before? decent sale on current Norse Projects
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21 Nov 2019 13:26
Long shot but anyone know of any codes for Mr Porter, Oi Polloi or The Bureau
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21 Nov 2019 13:31
What are you looking for?
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posted 5 Dec 2019 13:02, edited 5 Dec 2019 13:02

Can't speak highly enough of this place, I'd not heard of it before but found it while searching for a jacket I wanted.
I ordered the jacket Tuesday evening and it arrived this morning (from Italy) shipping was free and they Honoured the 10% discount for first orders even though the item was already reduced. The store owner was sound to deal with and the packaging was great.

Also a few brands on there I haven't heard of that look good
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6 Dec 2019 19:25
Wasn't quite sure where to put this but ordered from Noah in the US again and thought it was worth mentioning.

They changed a while back to make it easier to order to the UK (prices in £, customs included etc), but the prices went mental.
Had another luck and they are basically the same price as DSM now in £ but with more stock and free shipping over £160, they guarantee no customs and they also did a 20% code on everything.
Picked up a jacket, another pocket tee and moleskin cap and very pleased with all of them.