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4 Jan 2011 15:02
Store: Psyche - http://www.psyche.co.uk

Service: Excellent

Delivery Times: ordered today, but she said they'd go out today and be with me in 2 days

Good Point: One of the best customer service experiences I've ever had. Ordered some boots from them a couple of days before Christmas at full price, but after the order had gone through I got an email a couple of hours later saying they were unfortunately out of stock. Couple of days later I noticed an email saying they'd had another delivery and had some more if I wanted. I didnt do anything, but when I looked at the site again I saw they were now in the sale, but that my size was still out of stock. Emailed asking if they had any 8s left and she wrote back saying they'd saved a pair for me and would be doing them for me at the sale price.

Bad Points: Nada

Score: 10/10
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4 Jan 2011 15:06
10 for that?
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7 Jan 2011 13:01
Store: Pure Man - www.pure-man.com

Service: Excellent

Delivery Times: Really Fast

Good Point: Ordered last night at around 4pm and it arrived this morning! The guys were quick to answer an email question plus sent the tracking number straight away. Each item has measurements of the model as a guide which is useful. Sale had decent discounts and small sizes available too.

Bad Points: Only sent in a normal padded envelope which had a tear to one corner, item inside not damaged though. Delivery charges a bit high.

Score: 8/10
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7 Jan 2011 13:17

Item shipped out quite quick fed ex bag with a shirt inside a psyche box inside. Then wrapped with tissue paper and posted out with stickers, invoice and 10£ voucher off next purchase
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12 Jan 2011 19:05
anyone had any experience with javari or original store?

been waiting on a pair of vans from javari for over 2 weeks, initially they were delivered to the wrong address so i rescheduled for monday and they still haven't arrived.

ordered a hoodie from original store last friday and delivery was supposed to be next day and it also still hasn't arrived and tracking isn't working!
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12 Jan 2011 19:11
whos fault was it they sent to the wrong adress?
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12 Jan 2011 19:23
the courriers i guess. maybe i should ring them?

Date Location Event Details
05-Jan-2011 Milton Keynes Buckinghamshire Incorrect address

I live in Newcastle…
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12 Jan 2011 19:37
thats the depot where they send it to before they send to you. not where it got delivered.
did you put a full and correct adress on the order?
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12 Jan 2011 21:57
Thats Parcelforce, I doubt he did anything wrong at all. Its probably touring europe for the past 7 days.
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26 Jan 2011 19:20
Bought shirts from the bureau, one had a rip in it, they sent me a replacement shirt of my choice as the one i ordered was sold out (a more expensive one at that). Didnt need to return the ripped one eighter. Top people. Have bought from alot lately and after this will continue to do so.
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26 Jan 2011 20:19
Amazing store; great staff. Had a brilliant experience despite ordering wrong sizes. Highly recommended.
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26 Jan 2011 20:32
Kafka great to deal with gave me an extra 10% off a jacket i bought + free next day delivery, unfortunately it was parcel force and they couldn't find my address (doubt the looked) so i had to pick it up from the depot in leeds but yeah very good
carl lewis
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29 Jan 2011 13:16
Store: www.urbanoutfitters.co.uk/

Service: Very Good

Delivery Times: Decent, but just a Royal Mail Tracked Service at £5 should be special delivery at that price.

Good Point: Great and discount sale….at 70% off.

Bad Points: Use Royal Mail (Would advise any online store to use Royal mail apart from Special Delivery)

Score: 8/10

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29 Jan 2011 13:22
special delivery is the best delivery service in the whole of the world (uk that means) barr none. FACT.
if oki ni used royal mail id of had my pieces to rawk tonight and not have to wait till fucking monday for them.
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29 Jan 2011 13:33
Exactly Royail Mail is shocking!! They know they wont fook with Special Delivery as compo is all most guaranteed for the company.

All items that come via UPS, DPD and City Link always on point. Was even happy to UPS rape to get my Gucci Red Wings than rely on fooking Royal Snail Evil
carl lewis
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3 Feb 2011 13:23
Store: www.couvertureandthegarbstore.com

Service: Very Good

Delivery Times: Decent, but unhappy with paying £5 for a 3 day delivery service

Good Point: They dont use Royal Mail, good sale discounts.

Bad Points: Pictures on the website take a while to load, if at all.

Website nagivation is not so user friendly.

Delivery companies tracking on their website doesnt seem to work.

Score: 7/10
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3 Feb 2011 13:59
Garbstore still have my money, 6 days on with no stock, still waiting for my deffered payment to be processed, 150 is a lot of money to be sitting out of my account at the moment, watch for that.
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3 Feb 2011 14:02
I sent a shirt back to them for a refund yesterday so will see how long the refund process takes. To deal with though they were great. Only complaint about the website is they miss close up shots of the fabrics on some items and difficult to have a different delivery address to a billing one.
carl lewis
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3 Feb 2011 14:24
Piss take EDW
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9 Feb 2011 12:57
Anyone had any experience ordering from the Folk online store? Ordered a few days ago, they took the money out on the 7th but my order still says processing. The shipping info on their website says orders made before 3pm are shipped same day for next day delivery too Puzzled