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8 Oct 2016 12:50
compulsiveshopper wrote: Coggles customer service is the worst. A month and a half later, they are yet to return my money to me for an item I returned to them.

Did you pay by PayPal? If so then open a dispute
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8 Oct 2016 13:24
They've finally managed to find the returned item and have agreed to refund me. It took three phonecalls for me to get it though which isn't great.
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17 Oct 2016 21:06
Diekeyser wrote: Kafka- usually very good, But this time my order was cancelled as apparently someone else had purchased the shoes moments before and the system hadn't updated.
Just had this happen to me now after ordering again. Not that impressed tbh.
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24 Oct 2016 14:43
What happened to Hanon? They used to be pretty good but crap now, I'm not fussed about getting my orders that quickly, but I ordered 10 days ago and still not received. Site has been poor since the re-design too, terrible photos and no descriptions.
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23 Nov 2016 13:21
Is it possible to find which store an item on Far Fetch is shipping from?

I'm sure you used to be able to see the store details, but don't seem to be able to see them now.

Anyone got any experiences of ordering via Far Fetch?
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23 Nov 2016 13:55
It normally tells you under the shipping section of the item you want. I've ordered from Farfetch plenty of times and never had a problem and the free returns is good.
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12 Dec 2016 10:39
anyone had any experience with these guys http://www.resurrection-online.com/

sent an item back for refund which they received last Wednesday, emailed them twice no reply, customer service phoneline constantly engaged!

anything else I can do?
carl lewis
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22 Dec 2016 11:59
Store: www.endclothing.com

Service: Very good

Delivery Times: Fast

Good Point: Well package item, 25% code and good pictures.

Bad Points: Item was on hold due paypal email being different to my End clothing, had to call for them to actually ship once security check were done, but did ship next day.

Score: 8/10

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31 Dec 2016 09:08
Alpha shadows again - really impressed. So helpful and friendly over email even when I was a div and missed my house name off the address so the parcel got sent back to them. Really quick postage and repost-age!
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2 Jan 2017 09:12
Has anyone ever had to send a sale item back to The Business Fashion? Saying on their website refunds are not given for sale items only credit notes or exchanges?
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posted 3 Jan 2017 16:35, edited 3 Jan 2017 16:35
Store: http://www.sotostore.com/

Their retail store is great, nice folks, great service.
Their online shop in the other hand is a complete mess.
Third order they fucked up with me this year and everytime it's the same problem.
U place a order, pay upfront via paypal and they only send u half of the items because they don't have combined stock infos for the store and online. I don't even mind the missing items, but waiting for the refund of items they didn't send to u is a nogo to me.
Waited on march 1 month for a refund, in august they sended me the wrong size of a knit. After returning the item right away, it took them 1,5 month to send me the size i ordered. On my last order there were 2 items missing, and after 8 days of waiting, phone calls where they promised me to refund right away i just opened a paypal claim.

When u return stuff and have to wait for a refund during the sale season i can get it, but not like this.

edit: after 2 more mails and a big apologize from their behalf i got the refund.

Score: 5/10
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posted 9 Jan 2017 15:56, edited 9 Jan 2017 15:56
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10 Jan 2017 18:30
Would've expected some service from LN-CC, but nope. I bought a backpack in sale yesterday that has been there for weeks, only to see furthers today. So I mailed them if they could refund the difference as nobody was buying that item anyway and I purchased it literally 8 hours ago. First got a no, then after complaining got store credit Sad
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posted 10 Jan 2017 19:12, edited 10 Jan 2017 19:12
Seeing as they do free returns, if the backpack is still in stock, re-buy it at the further discounted rate (now using the store credit) and return the one that you paid slightly more on for a refund.
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10 Jan 2017 19:28

very responsive customer service, you can just message their facebook page and they'll reply within minutes, even out of office hours, fast shipping and priced item lower than most stores. also has discount codes if you ask one of their CS
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10 Jan 2017 20:56
Rirawin wrote: Seeing as they do free returns, if the backpack is still in stock, re-buy it at the further discounted rate (now using the store credit) and return the one that you paid slightly more on for a refund.

There was only 1, so it's now sold out. As it has been there for weeks, nobody is sniping it. So I mailed them I don't want to return and rebuy it, but still they persisted their rule of no sale price matching (which makes sense in general, but in my case not really).
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10 Jan 2017 21:10
waited a month and a half to get my money back from them - they fucked up big time too, wasn't complaining in the end.
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11 Jan 2017 18:18
Hip Store - useless, bought two items at weekend, both refunded after 4 days without any notification of why, won't be buying from them again anytime in the near future
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27 Jan 2017 20:01
anyone ever had any problems with the online Acne Studios store? cancelled an order before it shipped and the customer care team confirmed it was cancelled but they've still charged me and now ignoring my emails?
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28 Jan 2017 16:09
The Business

Great service, ordered Wednesday, delivered Thursday, shipping was £6. 15% discount code so to pay for shipping wasn't bad.

Had to pay for return which got there Friday and was refunded Saturday which was great.

Overall good experience but £15 shipping/returns is a bit shit.