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29 Apr 2020 14:15
Alpha Shadows back with a few new andwander bits - maybe their new direction is just re-branding to gorpcore from military/denim??
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29 Apr 2020 15:56
Hanto wrote: FYI, this is everything owned by JD..

Sports Fashion - includes the results of JD Sports Fashion Plc, John David Sports Fashion (Ireland) Limited, Spodis SA, Champion Sports Ireland, Iberian Sports Retail Group SL (including subsidiary companies), JD Sports Fashion BV, Sports Unlimited Retail BV, JD Sports Fashion Germany GmbH, JD Sports Fashion SRL, JD Sports Fashion Belgium BVBA, JD Sports Fashion Sweden AB, JD Sports Fashion Denmark ApS, JD Sports Fashion Finland OY, JD Sports Fashion SDN BHD, JD Sports Fashion Korea Inc, JD Sports Fashion India LLP, JD Sports Fashion Holdings Aus Pty (including subsidiary companies), JD Sports Fashion PTE Limited, The Finish Line Inc. (including subsidiary companies), Size GmbH, JD Sports Gyms Limited, Duffer of St George Limited, Topgrade Sportswear Limited, Kooga Rugby Limited, Focus Brands Limited (including subsidiary companies), Kukri Sports Limited (including global subsidiary companies), Source Lab Limited, Tessuti Group Limited (including subsidiary companies), Nicholas Deakins Limited, Clothingsites.co.uk Limited, 2Squared Agency Limited, 2Squared Retail Limited, Mainline Menswear Limited, Hip Store Limited, Simon & Simon Fashion Limited, Dantra Limited and Base Childrenswear Limited.

· Outdoor - includes the results of Blacks Outdoor Retail Limited, Tiso Group Limited (including subsidiary companies) and Go Outdoors Topco Limited (including subsidiary companies).
Even then that isn't everything. Xile in Edinburgh for example.
Joe Bloggs
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29 Apr 2020 16:03
Is aspecto still open? They ate that up pretty quick

Recently added Footasylum to that list too but JD and SD are having a fight over it. Real like monopoly.

carl lewis
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29 Apr 2020 17:09
FA is already bad, they don't need SD or JD to make them worse.
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29 Apr 2020 19:09
nothingelseworked wrote: Peggs & son defo.



All well worth supporting.

Really like Kafka’s patron scheme, think it’s a great idea.
Peggs are great too, really helpful with any queries and also friendly in person when I’ve been in.
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29 Apr 2020 19:24
Might make a thread listing out indie menswear shops - any interest? Would hate for more of them to die out - imagine Peggs with Cruise/18Montrose's website layout, and wouldn't want GH or Garbstore to die out even though I can count the number of things I've bought from them on one hand in past few years Laughing out loud
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29 Apr 2020 20:09
Do it.
Outsiders Store is an indie I think.
Their emails are really good, genuinely interesting content.
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29 Apr 2020 21:08
Good shout that Roophees.

I’m not sure on Outsiders - I think they’re something to do with Ellis Brigham? Unsure if that is indie or not though
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29 Apr 2020 21:27

Here you go.
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29 Apr 2020 22:44
crutch wrote:
roophees wrote: Learning that Albam is owned by SportsDirect is strangely depressing

Exactly my reaction too Sad

This, had no idea they weren't independent Shocked
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1 May 2020 11:54
Anyone had issues with Working Class Heroes before?

Obviously staffing is hard with COVID so I've been lenient, but seems a bit of a shambles? Wondering if that's usually the case.

Sent an item back to them 5 weeks ago with collectplus, 3 unsuccessful attempted deliveries and got returned to sender.
Then sent with Royal Mail (they claimed that was the only delivery getting through to them), which got delivered to them 3 weeks ago yesterday.

No sign of refund, and keep getting palmed off by their e-mail support who keep getting more vague with their estimate of how long the refund will take.
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1 May 2020 12:23
Their Google reviews don't seem too great even before the pandemic. I'd file a claim with your bank/PayPal.
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1 May 2020 12:28
Zoom. Awful. Will never ever use again.

Bought my son some Toys on 27th March. One item came about a week later the other never turned up. I emailed and they said it had been sent.

It gets to 27th April and I’m sent a link to review my buys. I fill it all in saying how shite the service was and I’d asked for a refund but no reply (Paypal payment not accepted so could only pay with debit card).

Couple of hours later I get an email saying the item had never been sent because they couldn’t find it and I’d be refunded.

Cheeky bastards.
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4 May 2020 09:56
andrew_ wrote: Anyone had issues with Working Class Heroes before?

Really recommend nobody orders with these. Worst experience I've had with any online store.

When I sent the item back 5 weeks ago, it was for an exchange.
Wrote on the return slip itself to send it to my billing address (home) as due to Corona I can't get to the original address (work).

Requested a refund by e-mail instead in the meantime because they've taken so long, which they confirmed, but wouldn't give me a date it'll be processed.

Just got a DPD e-mail out of the blue, they're sending the exchange to my office.
Fucking useless.

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4 May 2020 10:02
Wow fuckin retards.
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5 May 2020 09:29
Just received a pair of Orslow painter jeans I'd bought off Markkt, size large so the waist fits but the length on them must be about 26… zero mention on Marrkt that they fit like childrens trousers, massive waste of time ordering. Not impressed
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5 May 2020 09:32
Fit pic pls Laughing out loud
carl lewis
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5 May 2020 10:05
Laughing out loud
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5 May 2020 11:29
illwill wrote: Fit pic pls Laughing out loud
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5 May 2020 11:45
padawan wrote:
illwill wrote: Fit pic pls Laughing out loud

Laughing out loud