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posted 1 Oct 2020 15:51, edited 1 Oct 2020 15:51
In contrast to what people have experienced with Huh Store. I ordered a Hay lamp and butler stool from http://byflou.com/ during their 20% off anniversary campaign. Despite the shit conversion rate from euros it worked out more like 35% off. They contacted me 24 hours after placing the order informing me that they had placed the order with Hay and it would take up to 4 weeks for them to receive it. Week 3 rolled round they contacted me again to say the items were due to arrive to them on time and that they would inspect the items before forwarding onto me. Week 4 came, confirmed arrival and said they would ship by the end of the week. Did as they promised and received my order 5 weeks after placing my order.
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13 Oct 2020 08:38

Great experience. Customer service is Italy based (naturally), but they have a UK number and the team speak perfect English. Delivery was via DHL, and was free, with free returns, I think on all orders.

Only problem, which was my fault partially, was I saw they had 10% Topcashback, so cancelled the order to place it again. I had to wait about 3 days for the items to come back in stock on their system, but could have been because of the weekend. Will see how it pans out with the Topcashback, as I have returned one size, but they have based it on the RRP of the order. Having said that, I received a payout from Garbstore, despite returning the item, so not sure how hot some companies are on this sort of stuff!