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31 Jul 2022 08:50
Yeah buying is great from there I’ve got a few great deals. It’s just mental to think when you buy a £40 real mccoys T-shirt the seller got £13.
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31 Jul 2022 14:10
Is the minimum fee per item? I don’t really know Marrkts T+Cs but maybe those selling the Ts are also selling other shit so the fee is rolled into all of their sales?
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posted 31 Jul 2022 14:57, edited 31 Jul 2022 14:57
Nah it’s £25 per item and £2 fuel fee. I sold a bunch of stuff on it usually more expensive items but sold an item for £60 and got £33. They take 35% 0-499 25% over 500. Minimum £25.

Worth it I guess if selling something expensive and don’t want to arse about selling it yourself. Can’t imagine the website lasting with those fees though.
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posted 3 Aug 2022 14:39, edited 3 Aug 2022 14:39
Anyone looked at the new Oi Polloi website? What a mess!
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3 Aug 2022 15:12
Its just a variation on the other JD sites.
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7 Aug 2022 12:33
Is ALD online shop slow or just shite? 10 days after ordering and still processing Puzzled Charging £15 for shipping