Random Questions: Opinions on Airlines

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6 Jan 2009 12:52
they do that all the time in asia and south america
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8 Jan 2009 21:56
snap! was going to ask a similar question regarding qatar airlines, off to thailand for 18 days in August.
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8 Jan 2009 22:00
guffer wrote: they do that all the time in asia and south america

Ahh that explains why hotels out there want to confirm your flights for ya
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27 Apr 2019 16:39
Anyone else affected by the SAS Airline strike? or has a flight cancelled because of a strike in the past?

Was supposed to fly to Stockholm this morning but flight was cancelled. Have received absolutely no information on flight re-booking at all despite website saying they'll keep passengers up to date by email & SMS. And no answer to UK, Swedish, Norwegian, or Danish customer service (I've tried them all).

Really need to be there by Monday - should I drop the 400 sheets to fly by another airline and hope they'll refund?