Menswear: Our Legacy Thread

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17 Apr 2015 02:49
Is that blue crinkle tech parka as cool in person as it is on the site?
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17 Apr 2015 05:49
like i said. fabric is more matte like at other shop and suuuuper thin. very weird to the touch (our legacy-esque) and hem is fifferent irl. looks like regular one at the hem but a bit shorter!

i would not recommend it at all, serves literally no purpose, felt very fragile and the price is also waaaay too high for an unlined parka that will not protect you in any way.

looked really nice worn though Laughing out loud
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17 Apr 2015 13:02

Got the above in my usual size. Cool
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posted 22 Apr 2015 12:38, edited 22 Apr 2015 12:38

larger images:
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22 Apr 2015 12:48
those pics Laughing out loud

just trolling us at this stage Cry
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24 Apr 2015 01:49
Have an Our Legacy double breasted Peacoat for sale on Ebay currently with only a few bids and a few days left!;=web&id;=301601516087
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24 Apr 2015 09:23
splash is live. not feeling
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24 Apr 2015 09:28
Does anyone own them or have a picture of the Our Legacy Void sunglasses being worn. Preferably the shattered bronze?
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24 Apr 2015 12:32
Shame they haven't done that grey seersucker in a single-breasted jacket. I tried on the charcoal linen jacket and the fit was terrible.
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26 Apr 2015 03:44
Hey, having come across some "Buy/Sell/Trade" clubs for fans of niche brands on Facebook, I figured it'd be nice if we had one for Our Legacy.