Menswear: Our Legacy Thread

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10 Feb 2016 20:08
Digging the olive shawl shirt on END. Tbh
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10 Feb 2016 22:52
classikon wrote:
trailofdavid wrote: Shawl collar zip shirt tts?

Size down job for me

Just seen this, thanks. Still the case if layering over another tee?
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11 Feb 2016 00:32
trailofdavid wrote: Just seen this, thanks. Still the case if layering over another tee?

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11 Feb 2016 09:52
If you look at the measurements you'll see how oversized they are. Size 46 p2p is 21.25" and length 29.5". I'm normally size 50/52, but take 48 from the shawl collar zips.
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11 Feb 2016 14:57
i wear 52 in everything OL and the shawls are no different. bought a 50 in sale and the arms were too short
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11 Feb 2016 15:19
Im the same as swede. I have 2x shawls in a 52 and the denim one in the 50. Much prefer the fit of the 52's.
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11 Feb 2016 19:05
QualityAdrian wrote: OL have always been terrible at making pants / jeans

For Example.
Here is how they look in the Jeans PDP (not bad! slim with a slight taper)


Here is how they look in different pics

baggy ass jeans!

the fit is like the first pic, slim cut, narrow hem, slightly generous in the waist, 34 is more like a 35.