Menswear: Our Legacy Thread

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20 Sep 2018 18:38
It was too crammed and sweatbox to try anything on.

Decent selection - couple of nice zip up leathers in 48/50. Also mudd suede zip in 48/50 as well I think but I was there at like 7. Imagine long gone now

I ended up with one of them embroidered dot t-shirts from back in the day
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26 Sep 2018 13:19
Have the mud suede in 48 but I could really do with sizing up to 48 or 50 as it fits a little small on the shoulders for me. If anyone has that or something similar and wants to size down, drop me a message. Cheers
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8 Oct 2018 08:53
Anyone with the black cotton shield parka had any success in re-waxing it? Mine is starting to get white/grey crease lines and isn’t anywhere near as waterproof as it first was.
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9 Oct 2018 09:34
I bought an outdoors spray designed for the purpose with some beeswax and other stuff in it a couple of years ago to do the same (albeit mine is the green/beige one). It worked for some time but to have meaningful waterproofness you would probably have to apply it every 3rd month.
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16 Oct 2018 13:52
^ thanks, sounds decent.

Also, looking for a suede zip shirt (preferably black) size 46, if anyone's thinking of selling then PM me.