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18 Mar 2015 14:23
selling a black suede zip shirt, size 46 - measurements here
perfect 'as new' condition - bought brand new in sales about a month back for £225, selling for £200
PM if interested
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20 Mar 2015 08:35
If anyone spots this in an xs/44 anywhere, please let me know
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20 Mar 2015 12:14
the black elasticated hem and cuffs ruin that jacket imo - would have been so much better in all the same material
Hello World
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21 Mar 2015 22:02
Ollly murs rocking the multi layer linen on the voice
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22 Mar 2015 20:34
1234589 wrote: Shifting a couple of suede shirts - Mudd Grey and Wine Red - both S/46 and in excellent condition. Will put them up in classifieds soon but let me know if interested.

Wine Red Suede is now in classifieds, asking £225. Also put up the Reversed Fireflowers Six Shirt in XS for £125, BNWT.
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24 Mar 2015 17:19
Can you exchange something bought online in the London store?