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26 Dec 2012 12:08
Any uk stockists got the beanies included in their sale?
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26 Dec 2012 12:33
Anywhere have the LS Piquet polo for sale in size small?
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26 Dec 2012 12:56
Been looking everywhere this morning to no success, in any colour.
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26 Dec 2012 13:01
reduction and range is pretty good but i think i now realise how little i like this collection. dry wax blouson and bed sheet are both a maybe. anyone own either of them? would cop a few of the 1950s shirts if it wasn't for the awkward button down.
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26 Dec 2012 14:55
Anyone comment on the fit of the pencil grey control blazer compared to previous seasons?
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26 Dec 2012 16:11
Anyone bought the cotton zipped bomber from this season? Fit true or not? Just took a punt on the grown plum black in xs.
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26 Dec 2012 16:58
Were there any of the jumbo shirts in navy dots in-store?
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26 Dec 2012 18:31
Yeah, they had the jumbo with navy dots instore. Went by it quikly though and straight to the jacket i wanted, to spare my wallet.. Sticking out tongue
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27 Dec 2012 09:37
Any comments on the fit of the marble shirt? tts?
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27 Dec 2012 09:39
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27 Dec 2012 10:35
Anyone got the suede terracotta? Whats the fit like? Thanks.
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27 Dec 2012 10:36
fits on the smaller side
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27 Dec 2012 10:44
enough to size up?
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27 Dec 2012 11:40
I just picked up the Suede Terracotta jacket in M from Trunk on sale. Worried about the fit a little as i'm an M in most other things. Thinking this could end up a little small across the chest.

If anyone wants first dibs on it if I decide it's not right, let me know. Happy to sell on at the same price I bought it (249gbp). There don't seem to be too many left online in that size, if any.
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27 Dec 2012 11:58
midnight sheep trouser? What size for a32 waist?
Les Unit
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27 Dec 2012 12:04
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27 Dec 2012 12:08
bruk wrote: midnight sheep trouser? What size for a32 waist?

Large.. Measured 16.5
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27 Dec 2012 13:26
Anyone seen the black or brown suedes in the Sales? Probably need S but maybe a M.
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27 Dec 2012 13:50
Went by the Ol store today and picked up the Washed Black Artisan Jacket, been waiting quite some time to see it on sale. Have to say the Dinner Shirt Muramasa black was really really nice, will have to fight hard not to go back and get that one..
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27 Dec 2012 19:14
After the 1950s barn melange in a small, anyone know anyone with one in stock? Tresbien has it on the site but it says it's sold out when i try to add it to basket Sad