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9 Feb 2015 14:37
it's a reversible sweat i think, look at the region that goes to the neck, there is that x-crossed line that the reversible sweats have, would suit such a fabric too since it has a nice pattern and the inside could be a regular jersey like texture.

looking really good, also matches well with the jacket.
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10 Feb 2015 13:36
might cop that navy long sleeve frote thing, looks good.
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10 Feb 2015 19:00
Will sell my cracked linen for £100. Size 50.

Buyer needs to pay today.
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posted 16 Feb 2015 22:54, edited 16 Feb 2015 22:54
selling a couple of older OL pieces - will be putting up in classifieds but just incase any of you aficionados were keen - pm me

1950's and first shirt unworn with tags, success and 1940's light wear and washed

1950's shirt - Indigo Lake 46

First Shirt - Thunderball 46

1940's Shirt - Tela Melange 46

Success Shirt - Stars 50
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16 Feb 2015 23:28
afan wrote: Looking for a white jean jacket in either size S or XS from summer season 13. This one:

Please PM if you have one and want to sell it.

Still on the lookout for one of these.
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23 Feb 2015 23:55
Any one selling the oil blue bomber from last summer in a 46
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24 Feb 2015 15:14
Looking for the overdyed linen bomber in size medium or large. thanks
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24 Feb 2015 21:58
Looking for the Six shirt in Raster Grey from aw14 in Xs/S. Thanks
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24 Feb 2015 22:10
For anyone after a black terry shirt. Some up on hipstore
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24 Feb 2015 22:43
^Went quick. Anyone looking to shift a M/48?
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24 Feb 2015 23:17
Cool essexboy
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24 Feb 2015 23:55
I copped Cool
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25 Feb 2015 00:55
probably take a bit of a hit on international shipping ($30AUS), but black terry shirts on this Australian webstore

S, M, L
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25 Feb 2015 12:12
Just saw a black L on hipstore so copped. Hopefully it isn't out of stock. Received the indigo yesterday and it's great.
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25 Feb 2015 13:10
Anyone know if there's any in the store at soho?
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25 Feb 2015 14:24
ct wrote: Anyone know if there's any in the store at soho?

Sold out last time I went in, they didn't think they would get anymore either.
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25 Feb 2015 14:30
Just phoned the store. Completely gone now. They were going to re-produce but couldn't get completed in time.
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26 Feb 2015 22:37
received the "New Reform Short" today. The fabric is really something to behold!
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27 Feb 2015 00:23
can anyone help out one the fit of the 1950's American Oxford Black? specifically in relation to the 1950's grey denim?

My 46/small in the grey denim for a year or so back is spot on, however, aw'13 the navy boucle and indigo lake were coming up big on me

much appreciated
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27 Feb 2015 08:24
cheers Gotitforcheap, if anyone spots any black terry shirts around in S/M give me a shout please