Menswear: Our Legacy Thread

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12 Jan 2016 21:54
d_low wrote: How to go from top of your game to the most shambolic company in 4 years or less: Our Legacy.

Worst SS collection I've ever seen that. Bought less and less from them over the years and based on that, won't be buying anything in 2016. Used to love them for their shirts but even the quality of them has disintegrated. Got cotton coming out along the seams and buttons coming off after a few wears. Wish they'd go back to basics.
I've thought the same of engineered garments actually.
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13 Jan 2016 12:58
The sizing is way off point now, but I'd say the quality, certainly in regards to the seams has been increased. All my shirts from 2011 are a complete mess behind the buttons.
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13 Jan 2016 15:28
Laughing out loud I think the sizing is getting betterLaughing out loud
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13 Jan 2016 16:44
sizing is getting better and the quality as shit as ever imo.
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20 Jan 2016 20:50
suede shirt owners, do you use some suede protection on them?

if so just some bog standard stuff or anything special?

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20 Jan 2016 20:55
I've not yet. Asked others about this also.

CT spray yours and let us know how it goes. Cheers x
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posted 20 Jan 2016 21:42, edited 20 Jan 2016 21:42
Put crep protect on it and make it waterproof
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21 Jan 2016 13:41
FW16 Preview is up.

Like it.
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21 Jan 2016 16:34
Is this still a thing?
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21 Jan 2016 17:03
Double button shirt is cool.
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21 Jan 2016 18:15
bigjohn wrote: Is this still a thing?

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21 Jan 2016 21:29
Outerwear is cool
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22 Jan 2016 20:34
Do those mono runners look a bit "special" in person? I've seen them look pretty cool on the OL crew just wondering generally..
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22 Jan 2016 20:36
They look really IT help desk IMO
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22 Jan 2016 20:44
Lol IT help desk Laughing out loud
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22 Jan 2016 21:14
That crop top Eek
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22 Jan 2016 21:24
Does anyone know where I can get a marine stripes jersey bomber in S/XS (if needs be), looks like it was on sale at loads of different stores but most places are sold out in smaller sizes now.

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22 Jan 2016 21:28
burny wrote: FW16 Preview is up.

Like it.


are the beige cords flares?
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22 Jan 2016 21:56
Not sure, but probably. They mentioned that the cuts of trousers were getting bigger/wider, and plenty of other (dries, Acne etc) have flared legs in SS16.

Still yet to buy OL trousers, and probably never will.
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23 Jan 2016 23:40
Missed this in Goodhood & really want it,
can't be arsed paying £70 for a beanie if anyone has any links?;=affiliate.cj.3852549