Menswear: Our Legacy Thread

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21 Aug 2019 22:27
Nice one. Looks like it has been brought up. Original thread is a silvery grey where-as the bottom is a little darker.
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27 Aug 2019 17:44
Since when did they get away with charging £209 (End) for their zip shawl shirt?! Could swear I paid £120-140 max retail before a few years back. Their pricing's been on the rise year in year out and the quality seems to be getting worse (in my experience anyway)
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27 Aug 2019 17:48
weak £ - blame rickrude and dee
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27 Aug 2019 18:15
Margaret Howell does it better
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27 Aug 2019 18:24
Price of the pound not a factor?
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27 Aug 2019 20:16
tbf it's probably not possible to blame it ALL on the close-minded xenophobes who voted for our DIY recession… OL have been aiming to go more high-end and wanted to fund a female range
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27 Aug 2019 21:13
Also the models they use on the website must cost big dollar
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28 Aug 2019 15:21
Wonder if every other manufacturer using Portugal have increased their prices by the same margin or perhaps just a strategy to increase their revenue and brand value?
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28 Aug 2019 16:29
yeah. as I said it isn't all down to people like yourself
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29 Aug 2019 14:34
Anybody got an Evening jacket in camel moleskin 46 they want to get rid of?
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10 Sep 2019 13:16
Have they discontinued the 50s sweatshirt?
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10 Sep 2019 14:10
Yep, discontinued loads, think they wanted to move away from era stuff
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11 Sep 2019 16:14
1234589 wrote: Parting with my suede shirt - 2014 black powder version, button up, size 46. 8/10 condition, well looked after. £230 inc postage if anyone’s interested before it goes on eBay/Grailed.

Up in classifieds now and on eBay etc, lots of interest but no takers yet. Will listen to offers:
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19 Sep 2019 15:16
Zip shirt for a decent price, they have it in navy as well
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13 Nov 2019 19:15
£500 shearling for sale hurrrr -
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18 Feb 2020 12:49
anyone got the cuffed box shirt in pistachio to fit a size small they want to shift?
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19 Feb 2020 21:41
Anyone still buying new smegacy stuff? Favourite recent pieces? Feel like the brand has really changed up their direction.
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19 Feb 2020 23:52
was browsing and couldn't find a huge amount i would wear this season Cry Cry

will have to look to the brands I used to like before legacy for clothes now. folk, ymc, albam… issue is, their clothes are so similar, plain and uninteresting. our legacy always had something a bit extra (interesting materials, different campaigns) that gave it that edge over similar brand. i feel like they are focussing too much on this "extra" piece and have moved too far away from what they became big on - men's staples
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19 Feb 2020 23:53
i do however understand that they want to keep the brand exciting.. but this almost "high fashion" vibe is too far
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20 Feb 2020 00:38
Swede’s seething, proper fuming.