Menswear: Our Legacy Thread

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1 Aug 2012 16:07
Come on son, come on.
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1 Aug 2012 16:07
Barn shirt has the makings of a fuk fanboy item
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1 Aug 2012 16:39
There are some really nice pieces in there.

Definately going to pick up one of the reversible Great Sweats, the woolen Great Sweat and the second 1950s in Melange light Brown will hopefully get into a Sale this year.

This year's SS collection and this year's OL AW collection are awesome! Ubercool
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1 Aug 2012 18:04
Just got the washed choco silk mix sweat in a small, fit is spot on. Does anyone know if the small is comparable to the xsmall standard sweats, only I got a small in the grey standard and it is for sure bigger. Don't wanna size down yet incase it's too small.
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1 Aug 2012 18:15
Definitely want the 50's great sweat in grey.
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1 Aug 2012 20:57
I don´t get it. What was the deal with the tres bien post? Was there some sort of error/ mistake or was all of that stuff available but sold out in 10 minutes?
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1 Aug 2012 21:58
Can't see any of it - has it been taken down?
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1 Aug 2012 22:08
APlace had an Our Legacy delivery yesterday and had a post on their FB saying it'd be up yesterday. Then later that evening it had disappeared. Maybe Tres got an email to say it was too early.
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2 Aug 2012 14:32
OL 2nd Drop up again on TBS, they worked the technical problems out Smiling

Always liked OL Blazers and the Control Blazer looks good!
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2 Aug 2012 17:14
Couple of new bits on End.
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2 Aug 2012 17:21
Anyone think the new 'dinner shirt' shirt style looks pretty bad here?

They were talking about moving in a more tailored direction but it seems baggier than the 1950s and 40s if anything.
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2 Aug 2012 19:19
I'm sure this has been asked, but how do the 50s great sweats fit? are they really short? want to cop the choco one from end.
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2 Aug 2012 19:23
the silk one in the washed choco is as far as i've heard the best fitting silk version.

they are not really short. i ordered the same sweatshirt yesterday and own a 50s sweat myself which is a bit too long and big (size M/4Cool.

if anyone is interested in the tbs exclusive great sweat from this season pm me! was sold out pretty fast Eye-wink
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2 Aug 2012 22:43
anyone know if this fits big or tts?
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2 Aug 2012 22:51
Fits very slim
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2 Aug 2012 23:17
yeah, the bomber is a really slim fit. As for the great sweat, i'd say they're quite short, but it depends on the size you go for. If you size down it'll have more of a boxy short fit than a regular fit. I sized down because i think they look better in the former.

End have stock on the new OL stuff too. Barn shirt and mixed great sweat are probably the nicest up. Looking forward to some of the more striking pieces.
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2 Aug 2012 23:52
Liking the Splinter shirt, and Dinner Shirt. Archive Blazer looked nice in the first pic on Tres, but not sure on the rest.
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2 Aug 2012 23:59
^^ Does anyone actually recommend sizing up in OL Great sweats? I got the pineapple one in a TTS small but not really that sure about the fit… The arms and neck are perfect but the width and length could be a bit shit if I sized up?
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3 Aug 2012 00:03
as always with OL it depends, some sweats I find I need to size up while others are tts. i've bought three sweats this season and the sizing is different for each
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3 Aug 2012 10:00
Size down on great sweat, otherwise the neck is massive