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3 Mar 2016 12:09
YLAup wrote: Bumping this thread as I need some Oxford's pronto for Spring, but Gap's have changed theirs for the worst and Uniqlo's have gone thinner. What's the latest fuk hype Oxford supplier?
I still wear the Carhartt ones 4 years later. Being Carhartt the fit is quite boxy. The Farah Brewer oxford is popular and seems decent value but too long for me.
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3 Mar 2016 12:19
I've got a couple bargain price size 2 visvim bd oxfords that I've not got round to listing in classifieds yet. if anyone's interested pm me
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25 May 2018 22:31
Does anyone have experience with Portuguese flannel? Specifically their Bellavista OCBD shirts?

I've tried ample Oxfords in the past few years to varying success, my main gripe being how the cloth feels (no homo) and irons after regular washing. Noticed that the more brushed they are to begin with, the better they last. A reason why Uniqlo and GAP no longer make the grade as they've changed their materials. Neither do GANT Diamond G, Rugger, Muji, nor NN07. 10 washes and they're pemacreased to feckery.
carl lewis
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26 May 2018 06:42
RL Oxfords still good quality
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posted 26 May 2018 07:41, edited 26 May 2018 07:41
carl lewis wrote: RL Oxfords still good quality

Agree, made in Vietnam now but solid as a rock still. Same specs as ever I think..Have 5 on rotation for work. Picked up at the outlet in Sydney, AUD$100 a piece vs about AUD$170 in concessions and stores here. Wouldn't buy online, always a good chance of fakes with Polo.
carl lewis
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26 May 2018 08:56
RL sale codes should be coming up also
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26 May 2018 09:07
Beams Plus make good casual ones, got all mine for ~£60 in the sales