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posted 3 Jan 2022 07:47, edited 3 Jan 2022 07:47
Couldnt find a Paris thread so figured I’d start one.

Last time I was there colette was still a thing, would love some tips on place to go and see. Doesnt have to be limited to restaurants and shops, every tip is welcome.
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posted 3 Jan 2022 08:24, edited 3 Jan 2022 08:24
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3 Jan 2022 08:27
Also interested in this.
Have you decided what area you’ll be staying in yet?

Found a decent hotel next to the Louvre, not sure if it’s central to everything though.
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3 Jan 2022 08:46 Went here for lunch a few years ago. It was great. Didn’t really know much about it at the time but now they do collabs with beams and needles and stuff.
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3 Jan 2022 09:50
Staying near the Louvre will be good, very central. Pre-pandemic I went every year for work and we typically stayed near the Pompidou Centre which is just a bit further east.

It's a great city for wandering. Some places that I love to go to:

Centre Pompidou
Jardin des Tuileries
Jardin du Palais-Royal
Pont Neuf
Tour Montparnasse (go up to the observation level for sunset if you can)
Cimetière du Père Lachaise (lots of famous people buried there including Jim Morrison and Oscar Wilde)
Cité des sciences et de l'industrie
Arc de Triomphe
La Défense
Eiffel Tower (again, at sunset is best)
Parc André Citroën (you used to be able to go up in a hot air balloon here, not sure if it's still running and there's an RER station nearby for Versailles)

Au Petit Fer à Cheval on Rue Vieille du Temple is a charming old-style Paris bar and restaurant.

Kiliwatch on rue Tiquetonne is decent although it now stocks a lot of the brands you find in lots of other places (years ago it was slightly more unique).

Taking a trip out to Versailles on the RER is well worth it, it's an amazing place.
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3 Jan 2022 09:53
Here are some recommendations and highlights from my most recent trip at the end of last summer, which include a bunch of my go-to spots and new places I was introduced to.

I.O Café (for coffee)
Dreamin Man (for coffee)
Pretty Box (for impressive and expensive vintage)
Mr.T (restaurant)
Fragments (coffee and breakfast/brunch)
Septime La Cave (a must for wine and small plates)
La Buvette
Palais de Tokyo
OFR Bookshop (next to I.O Café)
Café La Perle

So many restaurants and a couple of wine bars on my list I've still yet to try but thought I'd only include places I actually went to and personally rated.
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3 Jan 2022 10:10
Fuk always delivers Ubercool

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posted 3 Jan 2022 11:24, edited 3 Jan 2022 11:24
I lived in Paris for 2 years, and go there regularly. I will add more places in the future:

My favorite restaurants:
- A.T (4bis Rue du Cardinal Lemoine, 75005 Paris). Their short tasting menu at 70€ is probably the best value for money in Paris. They have a great selection of natural wine too. (you need to book well in advance)
- Verre Volé, food is very good, and they have an amazing selection of natural wine.
- Clamato and Septime (and la cave), Septime is (was) very hard to book.

Other suggestions:
- Le Servan (11th)
- Chateaubriand (11th)
- Les Enfants Rouge (Japanese / french)
- Bistro Paul Bert (classic french food)
- Dumbo (burger)
- FTG (Frenchie to go) - fast-food/brunch
- Yam Tcha boutique - for dim sum and tea (they also have a 2 michelin star restaurant)
- Magna - for neapolitan pizza (they serve Portafoglio pizza)
- Les délices de condorcet - Cheap handmade chinese raviolis
- Wild and the moon (several shops in Paris) - if you like vegan / healthy food, they serve all kind of bowls (acai etc.) and other vegan food. It's pretty nice for breakfast.
- Rue Saint-Anne (and around) - lot of japanese restaurants

For Pastries / bread
My favorite:
- Boulangerie Sain, 13 Rue Marie et Louise, 75010 Paris, France.
If you go to Verre Volé, it's next door, love this place, they have a lot of amazing bread, and low sugar pastries, amazing quality.

Cedric Grolet (He recently opened a shop in London) - probably the most expensive pastry/bakery in Paris but very good looking and tasty.
-> Book a brunch at his boutique, it's a great experience.. the viennoiserie are very good.
-> You can also go to his pastry shop in Hotel Le Meurice

Other pastries:
- Kopain (Michalak), viennoiseries are amazing…
- Tomo (in saint-anne), they do homemade doriyaki

For high-end groceries:
- La grande épicerie
- Le printemps gourmet (in "le printemps" another department store)
And you can visit "La samaritaine" a department store that recently re-opened.
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3 Jan 2022 12:01
I love Paris. The Louvre blew my mind. Most interesting museum I've been to after the Museo del Prado in Madrid.
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3 Jan 2022 13:22
I should also have said that along Canal Saint-Martin to the east and south-east of Gare de l'Est there are loads of bars and restaurants where the cool kids hang out. Some bits have got a bit too hipster-ish but there are still some good spots.

Le Marais is good for that too. Traditionally it's a gay neighbourhood but is becoming increasingly hetero-hipster in parts.