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26 Jun 2015 17:21
diederik wrote:
Sayword wrote:
diederik wrote: Dries SS16 so disappointing :/
is it the prints? the sillys are ok imo

Marilyn Monroe theme/print is just tacky, I'm a Dries fanboy but really didn't like it. There are some okay pieces in it, but as an overall collection it was very disappointing and messy, especially as the coming Winter collection is really nice.

Hmm it does look a bit hurried. Allow that though. It's Dries!Smiling
Casely looks good
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26 Jun 2015 19:10
Layering on the Hayford stuff is mental.
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27 Jun 2015 05:28
I rate the Second pic hejus posted
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30 Jun 2015 09:27

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30 Jun 2015 10:57
looks like you Mil Cool
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30 Jun 2015 16:01
Mos Def

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posted 30 Jun 2015 17:34, edited 30 Jun 2015 17:34
Nice gawk. Good summer look there from mighty mos. or do we call him yasin now? His feet must be all sweaty though.
I'd imagine the bottom half to be something you'd wear in this heat, no? Look like Rick pants too
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30 Jun 2015 18:06
Would the casely stuff be 2-1 garments like undercover sometimes does or single items?
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30 Jun 2015 18:12