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6 Feb 2016 09:26
I just like how unsettling his motifs and immagery are and it's truly unique. I don't like it just because it's art. The William Blake from last season didn't do anything for me
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6 Feb 2016 09:39
bill wrote: what jacket anyone know?

I think that could be Wallace & Barnes. It was up at Mr Porter and went into their recent sales. Best picture I can find of it is here:
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6 Feb 2016 15:54
EssexBoyII wrote: Yeah I struggle to see most of the pieces I like in my day to day wardrobe but I love the theatre of the collection (bar the devil horns hat). I think there is the odd wearable item but I'm not really judging it on wearability. Had he of done a series of plain black riders and leather-sleeve down jackets then it would of been very wearable but it would of bored the fuck out of me

The horns on the hat detach using magnets making it just a normal hat if you want.

The collection on the whole is far more wearable than the lookbook suggests. The panelled tailored trousers are incredible. Lots of nice knitwear - couple of excellent mohair pieces. There's some workwear style jackets with v subtle branding (stitched "have a weird weekend" on the collar.) And the shearling pieces are out of this world, albeit exorbitantly priced.

I really like the Borremans jacket. He actually took the painting and created the jacket to specifically mimic it, so the hood zips right up and is shaped in the same monastic robe way as the painting. Really nicely put together.
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6 Feb 2016 23:06
Ya, super wearable
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11 Feb 2016 18:46
- obviously its pretty pedestrian but Im liking tets fit here, and his fits recently in general
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11 Feb 2016 19:19
Pretty 'cool dad' but I like it, like Nigo's fit too
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11 Feb 2016 20:23
^except for that 'phoneholder' though…. what's up with that?
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11 Feb 2016 20:38
And those mum jeans, and that pink hoodie..