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21 Oct 2016 19:56

New SLP - mostly absolute crap although not sure of this is still Slimane or Vacarello
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21 Oct 2016 21:25
From what I read SS17 is the first season without Slimane, but looks like most if not all items are still (based on) his designs.
Not sure how it's absolute crap as it's pretty much identical to all Slimane's past seasons?
I think it's actually nice (was expecting worse under Vacarello) - other than that random shark print.
Hawaiian shirts look spicy.
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21 Oct 2016 21:53
Wasn't designed by Vacarello, was designed by Hedi's design team
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posted 21 Oct 2016 23:15, edited 21 Oct 2016 23:15
So it's Hedi's leftovers from SS16 then. That makes sense as don't think anyone would ever take the helm and then trot out the same stuff as the previous designer. There is some stuff I like there (viscose shirts mainly. Did order one of them) but there's a lot of shit (crepe Wyatt's, shark print stuff, pink teddy, sweet dreams)
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22 Oct 2016 07:23
there are also some pretty horrible pieces in the current season and of course in hedis seasons before, so i don't really get the hate? it's pretty much the same stuff. Personaly i dislike the 'bigger' logo placements on almost everything at s/s 17 but it seems to be only a small part of the new collection so u can't really tell.
the crepe wyatts are actually great irl, i didn't kept them (too bulky for my taste) but they are way more comfy than leather soles and look great.
ssense styled them on point, would be a good match to your wardrobe too essex
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22 Oct 2016 08:26
I'll admit they don't look too bad there
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22 Oct 2016 08:27
Genuinely though that was an essex waywt then! haha
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22 Oct 2016 10:11
Only if I get proper on the brown and stop eating anything