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25 Jul 2009 22:16
not a pic but that sahlan dude acts like a dick on the internet (irl he could be a mighty fine chap i dunno)

Tronics is gonna slap him.
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26 Jul 2009 07:46
Strummer wrote: Yay/nay?

It ridiculous. All you need is the blaser with the rolled up sleaves and the ray bans. As much a cliche as the dior homme look.
Was in Acne store today looking for a pair of chinos for work and my first statement to the attendant was "I want a pair with out that funny shit going on around the ass, don't want to look like some try hard from stockholm or something". You want to see her face drop! She liked it though Smiling
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26 Jul 2009 12:45
Did you get her number?
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26 Jul 2009 13:29
Nope, didn't want it cause she had some funny shit going on around the ass and looked like a try hard from Stockholm.
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26 Jul 2009 14:00
massive Laughing out loud
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26 Jul 2009 17:47
Who was asking about mens harem pants ?

these beauties have sold out for more nastyness.
The Fisherman
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26 Jul 2009 18:22
nick2 wrote:

MC Hammer x ATCQ?
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26 Jul 2009 18:35
would look alright with this

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26 Jul 2009 20:01

"Once there were two separate internet memes: Keyboard Cat - the loveable slapstick video closer, and Three Wolf Moon - the tee that launched a thousand comments on Amazon. In an instant last Friday, these two met on our website and made Threadless history: highest score ever, most votes ever"

Somebody should submit a Jesus LOL design
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26 Jul 2009 21:30
Hi there was just wondering if anyone knows where to get a very similar denim shirt to what the guy is wearing on the previous page, really like that combo, never seen a denim shirt look so good.
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27 Jul 2009 07:57
Bored with the keyboard cat thing now, it's gone from internerd funny to commercial over-hype unfunny, and it will be everywhere, on every annoying cunt, who will think it's hysterical.

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28 Jul 2009 12:58

Laughing out loud
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28 Jul 2009 13:01
It looks like he is concentrating on keeping his butt plug in
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28 Jul 2009 18:37
There is something really disturbing in the way he's grappled that camera.
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28 Jul 2009 19:29
wtf is a keyboard cat
saint nicholegs
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28 Jul 2009 21:52
WHAT HE'S WEARING: Jeans are girlfriend's pair from Primark, shoes from Topman, top is out of New Look, belt from Hot Topic, bag from Bench.

Laughing out loud
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28 Jul 2009 21:52
It seems like someone with a better sense of things is doing the Evening Times style things.

Also Mhairi (bottom left) stays on the same street as me.
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28 Jul 2009 22:03
Grant, age 23 ?
He must have had a fucking hard life.
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28 Jul 2009 22:26
It's the quotes that make these features.

Grant: "I try and go for my own style. I try and be unique with my clothes and I'm not scared to experiment."

Trend setter right thur.
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29 Jul 2009 16:17
head-to-toe All Saints girl looks ok apart from the shit sandals. Better than usual I guess.