Random Fashion Questions: Plain t-shirt help

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2 Dec 2015 17:07
I wear Ts pretty much every day and I'm more than happy with ones from Fruit of the Loom, Hanes, Kirkland etc. and never had any issues with them after washing. I personally don't see the point in paying huge amounts of money on plain Ts, particularly flimsy ones as they suffer a lot of abuse and always end up fucked somehow, even more so with a little one running about the place. I can see where people are coming from when they say that a T should be considered in the same way as coats and shoes, but a coat doesn't come into direct contact with my armpits. Same with boxers, Uniqlo are fine for me, I'm not spending thirty odd quid on some Sunspels just for them to soak up my ball sweat.
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2 Dec 2015 17:52
Freshflow, are there any plans to do xs tshirts? I like the material and quality of mine but the small is just a bit big in the body for me.
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2 Dec 2015 18:22
I would like a posher, nice cotton version of a bulk tee at around the £10-15 mark, then I'd stock up. As it is I'm in no mans land between the cheapo ones which are a bit crap and the really nice ones which frankly I ain't paying for.

Anyone want to start a new fuk business?
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2 Dec 2015 18:32
The COS round neck tshirts are the best for me, fit me perfectly, wash well and they are only £12.
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2 Dec 2015 18:43
@joe in the new year yes. Currently the minimums for 5 size runs are out of my budget.
Long term I would like to do XS-XXL.
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2 Dec 2015 18:48
Duffman get on uniqlo supima for £9.90
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2 Dec 2015 19:57
Did someone say the CDG x sunspel tees were ok?
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2 Dec 2015 20:13
maximus wrote: Duffman get on uniqlo supima for £9.90

Could be a good shout cheers, will have a look
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2 Dec 2015 20:13
Schiesser american 2 pack are pretty good. Crewneck and V-Neck available. Fit is just pretty huge so you may want to size down.
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2 Dec 2015 22:59
maximus wrote: Duffman get on uniqlo supima for £9.90

Yep, as much as I like McCoy's (great construction but a little short on the body) and other expensive plain tees, I've settled on the Uniqlo Supima tees as my go to plain tee for the foreseeable future. Great fit, don't lose their shape in the wash and the cotton stays nice and soft too.
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4 Dec 2015 16:44
sydneyking wrote: Did someone say the CDG x sunspel tees were ok?

These just arrived, super soft material and perfect fit for me as i prefer my tee's not too fitted. Just ordered a couple more
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4 Dec 2015 22:38
All Uniqlo arent created equal. Wash badly from what I have seen.
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posted 8 Jan 2016 19:12, edited 8 Jan 2016 19:12
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9 Jan 2016 09:53
edlo try asos
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9 Jan 2016 13:25
We washed, dried, measured and weighed 800 of the most popular men's t-shirts available online. The shirts included a wide variety of price points ($5-$50), sizes (XXS up to 6XL) and fits ("slim", "tall", "relaxed", etc.). After compiling the data, we worked with beta testers in NYC to develop an algorithm that could recommend t-shirt brands and sizes for a wide range of body types. We're still tweaking the math on that algorithm, but in the meantime, we thought we'd share some of the data that has surfaced from our project so far.

carl lewis
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9 Jan 2016 17:16
Champion reverse weave
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10 Jan 2016 10:47
People saying Uniqlo are having a laugh. One 40 degree wash as instructed and it looked more like a tank top. Absolutely wank quality but the COS are good
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10 Jan 2016 17:49
Uniqlo are crap, Gildan ultra-cotton, so cheap you can throw them after a few wears.
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10 Jan 2016 20:08
I am one of those people who said they're good. I would retract that statement now. I only buy a white t-shirt if it's got a pocket otherwise it's underwear.
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11 Jan 2016 09:56
Gap stretch t shirts have a decent cut and last. They're thinner & cheaper than the ones from a few years back but a still good basic.