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15 Aug 2017 22:08
joeyjojo wrote: Defo but bet you still voted for her

I didn't actually. But I didn't want to vote for anyone. They all want to build 100,000 homes so they're all a nightmare in my eyes
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15 Aug 2017 22:49
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16 Aug 2017 07:43
Irony and hypocrisy of some of them.

The leader with a Chinese letter tattoo on his shoulder and others driving around in "foreign" branded cars, e.g. Toyota pick ups.

True patriots they are.
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18 Sep 2017 19:31
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posted 11 Oct 2017 16:14, edited 11 Oct 2017 16:14
You're like a shit version of sargon of akkad. Responding to every sentence not with counterpoints but with pathetic insults. The whole point was to say why it's more complicated than "waaah communism bad". But you've responded with "waaah communism bad".
MLI wrote: Yep and that profit is the motivator that leads to excellence and progress in society.
So why didn't Alexander Fleming patent penicillin? Was he mentally unwell? The difference between rich and poor people must be motivation.