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12 Aug 2019 13:19
MLI wrote: I feel beat down. I mean my Irish ancestors chewed some shit from the English, still do sometimes. I had my problems, unemployment, alcholism in my family, family voilence, child abuse in my family. My fellow white people went through some slavery shit too, hundreds of years ago.

I believe in inherited memory. I believe all the problems I face today are due to the mistreatment of my people in history. I choose to hold a grudge. To have a chip on my shoulder. To be a victim. I blame the ancestors of African merchants, I blame the English. I blame everyone but myself for my life. Only thing is I don't even have that choice. People will laugh in my face if I say that, why do black people have the choice to take the easy way out and be victims their whole lives?

This has got to be a windup
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12 Aug 2019 14:50
I heard that the Incels kicked Mil out for being too extreme
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posted 12 Aug 2019 21:09, edited 12 Aug 2019 21:09
See what I mean? I'm doing the same thing as Sayword but people laugh in my face. Fact is I face discrimination and disadvantage every day. Try being a skinny white dude with no car and not much money in Australia. People think you're a junkie. Police stop and search me because walking is unheard of unless you're walking a dog or a baby. See how long it takes them to take you seriously at hospital emergency like that time I had food poisoning. Try getting promoted as a single white male, try getting into the female dominated public service if you're not a female or a minority. It's a joke. I spend most of my money to rent a decent and safe place, you should see people's jaws drop when I walk into my security building wearing my weekend gear. Once I even got the cops called on me just going into my own building's elevator.

The media tells people like Sayword they're the only victims and they should stay down as victims their whole lives. Fact is lots of people are victims of life in 2019, regardless of race.

Let's all rise above and not accept being victims though. Keep moving forward through the cesspool of 2019. Don't let the fucktards win.
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12 Aug 2019 21:23
I'm a victim of white supremacy. I'd never deny it until white people replace it with a system of equal justice.
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13 Aug 2019 03:23
Hold on Say, It’s not the 90’s anymore pal, stop picking on poor whitey. What about female supremacy? Non skinny supremacy? Vehicle owner supremacy? Ethnic minority supremacy?
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13 Aug 2019 08:13
Sayword wrote: I'm a victim of white supremacy. I'd never deny it until white people replace it with a system of equal justice.