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27 Sep 2019 08:32
2019. up is down. left is right. The world is completely fucked up.
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27 Sep 2019 08:47
Le Camp des Saints! You going to recommend the Turner Diaries next?

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posted 27 Sep 2019 22:21, edited 27 Sep 2019 22:21
It's not even insidious anymore though, it's blatant denial of reality and common sense yet more and more sheep are jumping on board progressive lies. Facts and reality don't seem to matter any more. You could explain all the reasons why a leftist is wrong in clear undisputed facts and the leftist would just nod and call you a nazi. It's world gone mad stuff and the scariest life has ever been in relative peace time.

Just one clear example that the world has actually gone insane is the Gilette razor ad this year. We now live in another dimension where companies now insult their customers instead of try to win them over. There are countless other illogical anomolies that present themselves in our dumb, insane, topsy turvy, upside down, bizarro world of today.
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27 Sep 2019 22:24
Thread was bumped 5mins ago but the last post in here was 14hrs ago and I can hear flies buzzing about. Spooky.