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15 Nov 2019 18:43
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15 Nov 2019 18:47
EssexBoyII wrote: Here come the forum door knockers

I edited for you!
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posted 15 Nov 2019 18:50, edited 15 Nov 2019 18:50
joeyjojo wrote: I’ll be voting via post for Corbyn and if any of you don’t you’ll be as thick as fudge or mil or Essex

Not sure why I’m getting grouped in with the retard twins because I don’t like being preached to by you lot
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15 Nov 2019 18:59
State controlled internet access is extremely worrying tbh, especially when (and it would at some point) it falls into the hands of the Conservatives or worse.

The potential for absolute wholesale abuses of RIPA 2000 comes into play, ironically the private sector are generally opposed to privacy invasions of their customers.

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posted 15 Nov 2019 19:10, edited 15 Nov 2019 19:10
Erm the state can literally do whatever the fuck they want with the internet already.

Don't know why everyone's acting like the legislation akin to the great firewall of China doesn't already exist and GCHQ has already got their nose so far up your Internet's arse they can sniff the shit you've been going through.

Edit: The clowns on this forum are so lucky
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15 Nov 2019 20:04
Why are you considered thick or bad if you support the tories? Genuine question and non Tory here
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15 Nov 2019 21:17
Because, under the Tories, austerity has and will continue to decimate public services including but not limited to the NHS, schools, police & the fire brigade. It's shameful. Rees-Mogg's comments on Grenfell were classic Tory - the rich were complaining about the view from their penthouse balconies of the ugly peasant ghetto so some highly flammable cladding was installed as it's a lot cheaper than the fire proof stuff. Goes up like a funeral pyre and the desperately underfunded fire brigade are to blame for the loss of life… Staggering enough in itself but Rees-Mogg shows just how far detached from reality he is by blaming the residents for a lack of common sense. Absolute cunt with zero understanding and zero regard for the "serving" class who weren't born with a huge inheritance to see them through life.

If you are lucky / wealthy enough to not rely on any of the above then vote Tory - anyone pathetic enough to rely on public services deserves everything they get…

As if anyone with common sense believes everything you read in the press (vast majority owned by outrageously rich Tory supporters) about Corbyn being a communist, terrorist supporting anti-semite. I mean at least try to be believable and pick one. As if any civilised human being thinks terrorism is acceptable.

That said Labour have no chance whatsoever of getting in with Corbyn in charge because the vast majority of the population are thick enough to believe what they read in the Daily Mail. Was the same with Brexit - majority of leave voters believe immigration is the biggest issue in this country! Immigrants scrounging off the system, taking all the social housing and dole money etc. Absolute mouth breathers lapping up what they read in the Sun, fuck every academic paper every written that proves our economy benefits MASSIVELY from immigration (not to mention accepting people from other walks of life is being a fucking decent human being). Easy targets though aren't they those foreigners. Let's make Britain great again etc. Boris, despite being an odious dimwit toad, will absolutely walk it.

The Tories TREBLED university fees to £9k per year (second biggest scandal after "austerity") - the vast majority of the population can't afford £40k+ to send their kids to uni but it's a drop in the ocean for Boris & Rees-Mogg, thus protecting top jobs to the offspring of the elite as the peasants can't afford an education. Or, if you're fairly switched on working class you can get student loaned up to your eyeballs and be paying it back for donkeys years, lining the pockets of rich landlords as you struggle to save up a deposit for a house. House prices go up as the rich landlord is buckled and he can outbid you when a property comes up. Rinse & repeat.

I (like most on this forum I suspect) will be far better off with the Tories in power as I'm fortunate enough to earn a decent living & have private health insurance. If I stopped spunking all my money on shite I don't need I could just about stretch to sending the kids to private school. The vast majority of the population are not that fortunate. I would happily pay more tax if the mega rich & corporations were also forced to pay their fair amount of tax to benefit society as a whole.

The biggest problem bar none in this country is the difference between tax avoidance and tax evasion is legality. It's (in my opinion) immoral to avoid tax but in this country it's not illegal. There are far too many ways to avoid tax legally - especially if you are wealthy enough to "structure" your finances.

I find it genuinely bizarre that people have literally millions or billions in the bank and don't think the right thing to do is to give a fair percentage back to society, like it's going to make any difference to them.
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15 Nov 2019 21:34
Fucking hell that was good.
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15 Nov 2019 22:16
I thought it was dick waving on par with fudge dredd.

….could just about stretch to sending the kids to private school…has private health insurance..

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15 Nov 2019 22:57
Shit! Busted by Mr.X, man of the people
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15 Nov 2019 23:17
Not like Mr X to be so far off the mark.
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posted 16 Nov 2019 00:10, edited 16 Nov 2019 00:10
Couldn’t have said it better myself JustinCredible. Fucking hits the nail on the head. There’s far too many “I’m alright jack” types going about. Would it kill you to have some empathy for a fellow human being? Would it fuck. All this faux outrage by the upper classes who maybe earn 100-150k a year moaning about Labour wanting to tax Billionaires.

Perspective: a million seconds is about 11 days , a billion seconds is about 31.5 years. What fucking difference is it going to make to the average joe if we tax billionaires their fare share. But no the daily mail says higher taxes are going to affect you so don’t vote labour. Fuck off.
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posted 16 Nov 2019 00:38, edited 16 Nov 2019 00:38
But don’t billionaires employ thousands of people!?

Look at bill gates in America - he’s been a lifelong democrat and even he’s making noises about the sort of money they want to take from the ‘Rich’…

Don’t forget, once the truly rich fuck off and take their businesses with them, who’s the rich then?

Isn’t Corbyn one of the ‘rich’…?

We have a welfare system that literally props people up for life. They don’t have any motivation to work. Why would you if the state is handing you enough to live off?

Get those lazy fuckers off their asses and into work. And let the ‘rich’ grow their businesses and employ more.

Corbyn is going to destroy the Labour Party at this election - someone come back and quote this after. This is the death knell of these commies and the sooner the better.
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16 Nov 2019 00:42
Mr.X. wrote: I thought it was dick waving on par with fudge dredd.

….could just about stretch to sending the kids to private school…has private health insurance..

Trust me, you haven’t seen my dick waving.
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16 Nov 2019 01:27
fudge you're actually the biggest cunt on here. Speaking as a fellow brown British man, you're a fucking embarrassment to the rest of us and all our ancestors who we can thank that we are lucky enough to live here (if I'm right in thinking that you're the asian bootlicker on here, could be someone else). Either way you're still a massive raging nonce who everyone apart from RickRude and Mil probably hates. Esteemed company mate
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posted 16 Nov 2019 07:07, edited 16 Nov 2019 07:07
Good read that JustinCredible, as you pointed out, this should have been labours general election in the bag, considering the shit storm the Tories have had with Brexit. But Corbyn's leadership over the past few years has been shaky, whether it's media perception or actual reality it has really hurt the labour parties chances.

This is to the extent that people are considering tactical voting simply just to ensure Tories don't get in (

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16 Nov 2019 08:36
RickRude wrote: Why are you considered thick or bad if you support the tories? Genuine question and non Tory here

God I hate you Laughing out loud
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16 Nov 2019 09:19
EssexBoyII wrote: Here come the forum door knockers

Door knockers vs Boot lickers.

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16 Nov 2019 10:00
Commie Commie go 'way, take my money another day
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16 Nov 2019 10:45
You ain’t rich, bro