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25 Feb 2016 20:53
Cameron’s EU deal was largely to continue to allow the whorehouse that is the City of London – his real employer, of course – to continue to behave in the manner to which it has become accustomed. This assurance that the banks will not be regulated and will continue to be money-launderers for global crime is the most important aspect of the ‘deal’ and it is not being talked about at all in the mainstream media. Instead, as always, ‘migration’ is the great distraction.
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posted 25 Feb 2016 21:52, edited 25 Feb 2016 21:52
I think he's in for a big shock come referendum day. It's quite interesting as now of course the de ja vu is all too familiar for us Scots. Here's where the scaremongering will start with the big companies telling you how bad leaving the EU will be etc and all the biased media. When us in Scotland complained about bias and corruption we were told away and make sure your tin foil hat is on properly.
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26 Feb 2016 00:08
Chancellor George Osborne has led the effort to safeguard the City of London from any rules or regulations that could put British-based banks at a disadvantage to their 19 eurozone counterparts, damaging the integrity of the single market.

Laughing out loud

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1 Mar 2016 09:15
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1 Mar 2016 10:00
Yeah it's so great !
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11 Apr 2016 21:21
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12 Apr 2016 00:10
^ why is the speaker of the house a member of the party in power? Shouldn't the speaker of the house be a neutral person. Seems unfair that the tories get away with all their childish behaviour and playground insults yet when someone speaks the truth from the opposition and not exactly a massive insult he gets thrown out.

Democracy is scary in this day and age.
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12 Apr 2016 04:45
Speaker has to be an elected member of parliament otherwise they wouldn't be allowed to speak thus defeating the purpose Laughing out loud
Is voted in by the house each term so is always going to be "on" someone's side as you put it.
If labour had won the past election I suspect the current Tory speaker would have been re elected as it just seen to roll over (without position) untill they retire and someone new stands

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12 Apr 2016 06:53
The Tory's and Lib Dem coalition tried to oust Bercow. The Tory's don't like him one bit. I think 'dodgy' in the context of tax dodging is quite strong.
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posted 16 Apr 2016 21:44, edited 16 Apr 2016 21:44
Who's for the Brexit? I take it most if not all bankers are not.
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5 May 2016 21:53
Be interesting to see how these Scottish elections go tonight. If SNP return another overall majority and Brexit happens then guarantee a second Scottish Referendum happens soon.
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6 May 2016 11:14
Although possible, I hope that doesn't happen. It would be very annoying if those who voted NO didn't have the foresight to consider a future EU referendum when deciding how they'd vote.

Time to move on, perhaps use the time and the new powers to get rid of the redundant cold war weapon among other things.
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6 May 2016 11:56
20.25% turnout for the "crime commissioner" election where I live, might as well have not bothered
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6 May 2016 12:17
that's quite a good turnout for PCC! Utterly pointless event

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6 May 2016 12:47
At least Goldsmith has done fairly awfully, he's a right wanker
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7 May 2016 11:14
Zac Goldsmith is throwing gold bars through 90-inch televisions after losing the race to be London mayor.

The 41-year-old was seen breaking Faberge eggs, putting his foot through a Picasso and hurling an Eames chair out of a window onto a Bentley.

Passer-by Eleanor Shaw said: “I saw him staring out of the window of his Richmond Park home, then suddenly he gripped the neck of his £880 tailored organic cotton shirt and tore it in two.

“He went on a rampage of luxury destruction, throwing an iMac into a Ming vase, snapping a De Beers diamond necklace with his bare hands, and repeatedly smashing a Stradivarius violin into an antique crystal Italian chandelier.

“He stopped to catch his breath and I thought it was all over. Then he opened the safe.

“Within moments the whole room was a blizzard of shredded banknotes and property deeds, which he then set alight with the fumes from a case of 200-year old cognacs"
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7 May 2016 19:46
My heart bleeds for the cunt.
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7 May 2016 20:20
I think the newspapers were out to get him. A shame.
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8 May 2016 08:35
Which papers might these be?
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9 May 2016 11:01
Khan and Goldsmith were both twats, though Goldsmith was the lesser twat.

London's changed - the demography isn't right anymore for the Conservatives; Goldsmith always had an uphill battle. The demography of London has gone from about 70/75 p/c English from when I was growing up in the 90s to about 40% today; it's a minority-majority city now.