Random Fashion Questions: Pony Tails

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3 Feb 2020 00:34
Hi fans.

I've noticed a recent resurgence in Pony tails for men. Not this trendy modern top knot variety. I'm talking about the greased slick back, tight 80's style as popularised by such stallions as Marti Pillow, Andrew Thomas Carroll, and Francis Rossi.

What I'm trying to find is adhesive ones, like the type they used to sell on market stalls in the early 90's, I remember them doing them in a variety of lengths with pre-tied bobbles at the end, but also in different colours, textures and weaves so that you could match them to the shade of your bonce.

I was always tempted to buy a few of them but Denise, my partner at the time wasn't having any of it. Recently divorced, I now want to ride this latest wave being a born again rocker, the only problem now being that I have completely no hair.

Much appreciated if you see any around.

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3 Feb 2020 09:09
Just to clarify, are you looking for a flesh-coloured stick-on ponytail then?
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3 Feb 2020 09:11
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3 Feb 2020 09:16
Looks good Noble
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3 Feb 2020 10:33
Ed is obviously bored
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3 Feb 2020 10:37
What the fuck is going on
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3 Feb 2020 12:21
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3 Feb 2020 12:24
Looking for a decent ponytail for work.
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3 Feb 2020 12:33
My type of thread Cool