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19 Sep 2021 22:58
Four in three at 36. Bossing it.

At least one of those two blatant penalty shouts should've been given. Although does look bait the way he goes down, he still thinks its '09 la liga
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20 Sep 2021 12:03
Nuno will be toast soon…
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20 Sep 2021 17:17
Rdes1974 wrote: Nuno will be toast soon…

Their football is dire atm. Can’t help but think Levy should have bit the bullet, appointed Conte and given into his transfer demands.
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20 Sep 2021 17:30
Nuno toast by end of October.
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20 Sep 2021 17:32
Levy has alot to answer for.
He said he was going to appoint a manager known for attacking football, the get Nuno in!

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20 Sep 2021 18:24
All this anti-Spurs talk is giving me false hope for the NLD. That’ll be the match when Kane remembers to do the scoring thing
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21 Sep 2021 09:11
He doesn’t have the charisma on the pitch of a world class player, very bland and lacklustre.