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6 Jul 2020 09:15
There’s been a fair bit written about him showing signs of being on the spectrum.
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17 Jul 2020 19:07
Where back baby Ubercool

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17 Jul 2020 19:15
Dirty Leeds
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18 Jul 2020 00:04
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4 Aug 2020 23:07
Hi again, its Fulham here
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5 Aug 2020 08:14
Sancho to united Ubercool
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5 Aug 2020 08:14
Seventyfour wrote: Where back baby Ubercool

Redknapp: "Even I felt threatened" Laughing out loud
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posted 5 Aug 2020 10:12, edited 5 Aug 2020 10:12
Looking forward to a Craven Cottage away day next season, all being well.

New Nike deal started with Liverpool this week. 2 days later Klopp signs a personal endorsement deal with Adidas. On match days, he’ll wear the official Nike touchline gear, but Adidas trainers Laughing out loud

New Nike ad is boss. No wonder everyone hates us. Spot the New Balance logo on any of the old kits? Eye-wink

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7 Sep 2020 12:52
Foden & Greenwood…oh dear. Wonder how much of a field day the press will have with this.

Foden gonna be on on that child support flex.
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21 Sep 2020 21:14
Just the 44 goals this gameweek. New record. Loved every minute of it. Ubercool